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Never Enough Time!

I’m feeling bad because I’m reading Shimelle’s prompts every day for the ‘Blogging for Scrapbookers’ class, and I’m getting a few ideas from them, but right now I just haven’t got the time to do them justice!

This week’s been spent preparing for my first ever craft stall I have on sunday. I’ve been sticking my contact details onto my cards, stuffing them into cello bags, framing my paintings, trying to scrape together change for a float… and the list goes on! If I don’t sell anything I might cry!

Here’s one of the cards I’ll be trying to sell:

Snowman Collage Christmas Card at Jennifer Grace Creates

I’ve had to work (part-time, thank goodness) at the same time as doing all this prep, so I’m feeling guilty for neglecting my little girl. I’ve been trying to give her as much attention as possible but I’ve been dashing about doing the housework too so I think she’s mostly seen me as a whirlwind. I’ll make it up to her next week – though I actually don’t think she’s been that bothered about my inattention – it’s given her more chances to get up to mischief. The other day she found an old snorkelling mask which kept her amused for a bit:

Little Miss Snorkel Mask at Jennifer Grace Creates

And today I found her eating a square of chocolate I must have left within her reach – most of it was around her face and on her hands though! She’s been getting a bit upset by mess at the moment, if someone spills something (even on a t.v. programme) she shouts for me to come and clean it up! So she wasn’t too happy when she realised the chocolate was all over her, I held her up to the mirror so she could see her face, and for once she sat still whilst I wiped her face and washed her hands – she was desperate for the mess to be cleaned up!

Bye for now, Jennifer x

P.S. Does anyone think I should get my daughter’s hair cut into a fringe? I always hated having a fringe when I was little, so I’m loathe to start cutting it now, but she won’t wear hair clips or bands. The fringe doesn’t seem to bother her but I wonder if she’s just putting up with it well? Any thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Never Enough Time!”

  1. Hi from Shimelle’s class. I think your daughter would look very sweet with a fringe! You could always let it grow out later on when she will keep clips in her hair.Your cards are lovely, I hope your craft stall goes well for you.


  2. I am on your blog after seeing you on Shimelles blog lessons. I live in Southampton so am not far away from you. Your cards are beautiful. I have that paper and now see a better way of using them than I ever have.


  3. Lovely cards!My first daughter had a fringe, but we got so fed up of it growing so quickly and having to have it cut, that we grew it out. My second daughter, I just grew her fringe from when she was little, so she never had one. Persevere with little clips/bands, they do get used to them eventually!


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