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Xmas Is Looming + I Haven’t Scrapped Last Year Yet!

With xmas decorations going up in the high street, and December rapidly approaching, I’m starting to look forward to Christmas and to my daughter’s reaction to the decorations and presents (she already says ‘ooooh’ and ‘pretty’ at the decorations in the shops). But this is leaving me feeling guilty as I still haven’t scrapbooked anything from last year – her first Christmas.

She wore some oh-so-cute PJ’s for xmas morning, she looked like a lovely little elf, especially with her sticky out ears and almost-bald head! I almost wanted to leave that outfit on her all day long!

Little Miss Christmas 2008

She was very cute when we were opening presents – tearing them slowly and carefully. She got a bit bored after opening a few but she liked playing with the presents – especially the ones that made noise! (Like the ABC bath toy!) The rest of the day she had fun playing with her nanny and grandad and S. And she really really liked christmas dinner! (She always does love her food!)

I need to try and scrap the photos before this christmas otherwise I’ll never get round to it! I’m hoping I’ll have lots of great stories and photos this year, and hopefully it won’t take me so long to create layouts from them, so that I’ll be able to remember more stories!

Thank you to everyone who wished me well for my first craft fair, unfortunately I didn’t sell much. I don’t know if my prices were too high or if my stuff just wasn’t ‘gifty’ enough as it was a christmas fair and I didn’t really have much that could be presents for people. But hey-ho, I will try again one day, it could just have been bad luck. Below is a photo of my stall:

Craft Fair Stall

And even though I didn’t sell much I did manage to do a painting while I was manning it, so it’s not a total loss! The painting was of a watercolour christmas fairy, I’ll upload a pic of it once I’ve done the little finishing touches (and I’ll post a pic of the xmas LO once it’s done too).

There’s always stuff to keep me busy!


2 thoughts on “Xmas Is Looming + I Haven’t Scrapped Last Year Yet!”

  1. Congratulations on putting yourself out there. That is an achievement in itself. There are so many factors that affect sales on a given day, you seem to have the right attitude about it.


  2. Hi Jennifer, just popped over from Shimelle’s forum. I still haven;t properly scrapped last Christmas either.. oops! Seems like a mountain to climb now!Your craft stall treasures look absolutely lovely – and I think you’re fantastic for getting out there and having a go.. hope you have more luck next time. [This is one of my goals for next year.. just have to make enough stuff first!]See you at the Advent blog party!


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