Frosty Festivities Christmas & Winter


My little girl and I baked gingerbread today. I haven’t made any for years, and I really want to make some for Christmas decorations this year, so I decided to have a practice now. Good job too, as I rolled them too thin and they got a bit burnt. Plus I think I’ll add more spices next time as they weren’t quite gingery enough for me. We had great fun making them though, getting flour all over the dining room when it was my daughter’s turn to stir!

Little Miss Making Gingerbread

When it came to decorating she mostly wanted to eat the decorations to start with (especially the raisins, she was quite possesive about them!), but once she realised what I was trying to do she got in the swing of things! I left her on her own with a few biscuits, some icing sugar and a little pile of each toppings to see what she came up with and I really like the heart she did in the bottom right of the picture below – with a splodge in the middle with one raisin squidged into it. She pushed the raisin in and then shouted ‘finished’ for me to come and take her masterpiece away! We also made the people look like our family, and our friends Rosie and David. She really liked putting on their buttons and eyes. I’m looking forward to making some more on xmas eve. Perhaps it will become a family tradition!


Do you love gingerbread at Christmas-time?

Bye for now,

Jennifer x

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