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This is why I scrapbook…

Well I’ve been making a mini book for Shimelle’s challenge (see her original post here), and I finally got it finished today. I’ve been away working this weekend so it’s been a bit of a struggle to get it finished, and I’ve just been having a fight with blogger which wanted to rotate all my photos onto their side – grrr. But I’ve been determined to get it posted as I had a lot of fun making the album and want to show it off!

I decided my reasons for scrapbooking were:

For Love

To Preserve History

To Capture Moments for the Future

To be part of a Community (inc. Blog Love)

To be Creative (inc. Making Photos look Magical)

For Pretty Papers (and a good Excuse to buy them!)

The size is 4″x8″, the covers are chipboard covered in papers, and the rest of the pages are card/paper/acetate. If you want to see more details of papers and embellishments I used see my post here from when I put them all together. I did include other bits from my stash too of course, especially some Anita’s gold ‘glitterations’ lettering and a few sheets of My Mind’s Eye ‘Wild Asparagus’ papers, both which I bought the other day and had to use straight away! (Except I’ve used a lot of the letters up on this project so of course I had to buy another pack!)

Here’s the book:

Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates

(I was inspired to put a key on the front after reading a Copy+Paste blog post here, I have been working on a key necklace too which I shall post when finished!)

Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates

The journalling reads:

There are not enough words to say how much I love my family and my friends.
Some photos make my heart ache with it, and taking the time and care to scrapbook these helps me express how much I love you.

Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates

The hidden journalling reads:

These photos are of my granny and grandad and my nanny and grampa, getting into taxis on their wedding days.
I love that scrapbooking has inspired me to copy their old photos and ask them about their experiences – I don’t want their memories to be lost. I can’t believe I might not have thought to get these, if it wasn’t for my hobby. xxx

Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates

The journalling reads:

Without scrapbooking people may forget that we’re all laughing because a donkey has just walked past the window!

Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates

The journalling (on the little heart) reads:

SJ’s blog taught me how to make this (arrow to button necklace pic – see my necklace blog post here)

Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates

The journalling (inside the envelope) reads:

Even though I don’t have many direct conversations with other scrapbookers I still feel part of a community, reading blogs helps me to learn and lets me know others share my passion!

SJ’s blog also taught me how to make the flower above, see her post here.

To be creative:

Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates

For pretty papers and embellishments:

Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates

And finally the back cover:

Why I Scrapbook Minibook at Jennifer Grace Creates

I’m incredibly tired now so I’ll leave it at that! Hope you like my book, if you like it enough to vote for it, there will be a chance to on Shimelle’s blog

Jennifer xxx

DIY Gifts

lovely button necklace!

So I was just doing a bit of blog hopping, you know, when I was supposed to be doing some work, and I came across THIS POST┬áby the brilliant SJ who’s blog I’ve been following for a while. This lady creates seriously pretty stuff. And when I saw this tutorial for a button necklace I just had to have one – right now!

Out came the button box (old ice cream tub!) and I delved through looking for suitable colours and sizes. Unfortunately my selection of big flat buttons was not vast, I seem to have mainly fiddly little ones or those which don’t have holes through. But I managed to find enough in a pale pink / grey / teal colour range to put together. I managed to finish it in about 25 mins; this did involve a bit of huffing when my wire wasn’t doing what I wanted it to! I don’t think I’ve managed to capture how nice the colours are but here’s some pics:

Wire & Button Necklace at Jennifer Grace Creates

Thanks SJ for a great teach! Wearing stuff like this will help me fufill my 2010 word to be more ‘vivid’ – see my post about that HERE.

Anyway, should really do some work now!

Jennifer x

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Extended Xmas

We didn’t manage to get to Kent to see our family there until last weekend, so Christmas lasted until then for us! It was especially festive as they had tons of snow, we were a bit worried we might not make it there because of the weather but had to try as we wouldn’t be able to get there for months otherwise because of work. And luckily we arrived there with no mis-haps and to see a beautiful white wonderland! I was in heaven as I love the snow and was gutted we had nothing but a dusting where I live!

Here’s Little Miss with a snowman we built with her, he’s only little as she didn’t really like the snow, fair enough really as it was over her knees in some places! She liked trying to throw snowballs at us though!

Little Miss in the snow Jan 2010

She looked very cute all bundled up and with her auntie’s hat on! I’m gonna miss this coat whenever she grows out of it, she looks like such a grown up little girl in it!

Little Miss in the snow Jan 2010

While I was in Kent my sister gave me a haircut (she’s an almost-qualified hairdresser), I wanted a 1920’s style short bob (no fringe!) and I love it. Except it doesn’t quite look like this when I style it – I don’t put enough effort in!

My daughter had fun opening more xmas pressies, she’d open one, appreciate it for 30 seconds and then ask to open the next one – she’s got the present bug alright! Here she is looking happy with her new big Eyeore cuddly – she keeps bringing this to me when I’m sitting at my desk during the day, I think she knows he’s too big for me to work around!

Little Miss with Eeyore

It was a wonderful Christmas! How was yours?!

Jennifer x

Scrapbook Layouts

In 2010 I aim to be VIVID!

I was inspired to create this layout by the Journaling Junkie Challenge ( and I’m cutting it very close to their deadline of midnight tonight! I know I didn’t have to get it done by then, as really I’m just doing the page for me, but it was quite fun to work to a deadline and also meant I’d definitely get it finished! The challenge was to choose a ‘2010’ word for yourself, saying how you were going to implement it etc. It appealed to me as an alternative to New Year’s resolutions. Here’s my LO:

Word Of The Year 2010 - Vivid layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

The word I chose was vivid, and the journalling reads:

‘When I was in College and Uni I used to be a lot more vivid. Not just that my clothes were louder and funkier, so that I stood out more, but I was clearer, more me. I feel I’ve lost something of my style and personality lately, I need to work out how to combine the ‘young’ me with the ‘wife’ me and the ‘mummy’ me, so I give more of an impression of who I am.

I will strive to have fun experimenting with clothes and accessories, to have a bright outlook, and to encourage my daughter to have a vivid imagination by engaging in lots of pretend play and craft. I will do my best to be distinct!’

Word Of The Year 2010 - Vivid layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I had a lot of fun doing the page, as I haven’t scrapped any current and personal thoughts or feelings for a long time, so it was quite therapeutic. I also liked digging through my stash for bright, happy colours and I even had a great magpie moment when I was looking for a rainbow and ended up cutting one out of a circle on an ASDA multigrain hoops cereal packet!

Word Of The Year 2010 - Vivid layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I’m going to put the page up on my wall to remind me of my word through out the year. I also hope the cheerful photos and colour scheme will make me smile and giving me a positive attitude to the world whenever I see it!

Jennifer x

Frosty Festivities Christmas & Winter

What A Lovely Christmas

Hello! Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year! Sorry it’s been a while since I blogged, but what with Xmas hectic-ness and people feeling ill I haven’t had time to catch up!

The couple of weeks leading up to Christmas were a flurry of creativity and stress. I was making pressies, painting wrapping paper, and cooking scrummy food as well as shopping for more pressies and more food! The we had an assortment of ‘fake’ Christmas days with various friends and family members.

Every year we have a Merry Un-Christmas Day (like happy un-birthday in Alice in Wonderland) with our friends Rosie and David, and it always a wonderful relaxed day (or eveing). I spent a couple of days finishing off Rosie’s gift, this cute owl cushion. I got the idea for him at a xmas fair and then raided my materials and dusted off my sewing machine. He’s called ‘Twit-Twoo’ (named by my little girl!)


I wrapped most presents this year in wrapping paper which I made by painting shapes onto brown paper. Some were abstract stars or circles, some were baubles, one of my faves was pink reindeer which I stippled through a stencil. I then tied them up with ribbon or raffia (using no selloptape so I could iron the paper afterwards and re-use!) and made my own gift tags, as well as using the crazy snow tags me and my daughter made. I really loved the look of these presents under the tree, and I liked being able to re-use it all, I always hate how spoilt papers get and these ones have stayed relatively intact to be used again next year – apart from the ones my nan kept coz she liked them so much!

We had a really nice Christmas Day with my Dad, Nan and Grandpa. I haven’t spent Xmas with all of them since I was a kid so it felt very special and it was good for my daughter to get to know my Nan and Grampa a bit as we don’t get to see them often. I think they enjoyed themselves being offered endless cups of pretend tea by my little girl (she got a kitchen, a tea set and pretend food for xmas!) and lots of scrummy real food from me. We had a feast for xmas lunch of turkey with all the trimmings, and we all had to have a nap in the afternoon! (You can see the toy kitchen in the background – a very girly princess one!)

Merry Christmas 2009

My daughter had a fit of giggles trying to pick up a pretend sausage with her kitchen tongs, it kept falling on the floor and she’d giggle for a minute and then pick it up, walk two steps and it would fall out again. Kept her going for at least half an hour!

Little Miss Christmas Present

I was determined we wouldn’t have any unused leftovers this year and I almost succeded. My favourite leftover recipe was Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Pudding Sundae (from last years programme). It has vanilla ice cream, cranberry sauce, fried pudding leftovers and I put crumbled cooked chestnuts on mine (think he used flaked almonds.) Me and hubby had one on boxing day and it was delicious!

Christmas Pudding Leftovers

Well I think that’s enough catching up for one day! I am determined to get some scrapbooking done soon so will be uploading some layouts I promise!

Happy New Year! xxx