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What A Lovely Christmas

Hello! Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year! Sorry it’s been a while since I blogged, but what with Xmas hectic-ness and people feeling ill I haven’t had time to catch up!

The couple of weeks leading up to Christmas were a flurry of creativity and stress. I was making pressies, painting wrapping paper, and cooking scrummy food as well as shopping for more pressies and more food! The we had an assortment of ‘fake’ Christmas days with various friends and family members.

Every year we have a Merry Un-Christmas Day (like happy un-birthday in Alice in Wonderland) with our friends Rosie and David, and it always a wonderful relaxed day (or eveing). I spent a couple of days finishing off Rosie’s gift, this cute owl cushion. I got the idea for him at a xmas fair and then raided my materials and dusted off my sewing machine. He’s called ‘Twit-Twoo’ (named by my little girl!)


I wrapped most presents this year in wrapping paper which I made by painting shapes onto brown paper. Some were abstract stars or circles, some were baubles, one of my faves was pink reindeer which I stippled through a stencil. I then tied them up with ribbon or raffia (using no selloptape so I could iron the paper afterwards and re-use!) and made my own gift tags, as well as using the crazy snow tags me and my daughter made. I really loved the look of these presents under the tree, and I liked being able to re-use it all, I always hate how spoilt papers get and these ones have stayed relatively intact to be used again next year – apart from the ones my nan kept coz she liked them so much!

We had a really nice Christmas Day with my Dad, Nan and Grandpa. I haven’t spent Xmas with all of them since I was a kid so it felt very special and it was good for my daughter to get to know my Nan and Grampa a bit as we don’t get to see them often. I think they enjoyed themselves being offered endless cups of pretend tea by my little girl (she got a kitchen, a tea set and pretend food for xmas!) and lots of scrummy real food from me. We had a feast for xmas lunch of turkey with all the trimmings, and we all had to have a nap in the afternoon! (You can see the toy kitchen in the background – a very girly princess one!)

Merry Christmas 2009

My daughter had a fit of giggles trying to pick up a pretend sausage with her kitchen tongs, it kept falling on the floor and she’d giggle for a minute and then pick it up, walk two steps and it would fall out again. Kept her going for at least half an hour!

Little Miss Christmas Present

I was determined we wouldn’t have any unused leftovers this year and I almost succeded. My favourite leftover recipe was Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Pudding Sundae (from last years programme). It has vanilla ice cream, cranberry sauce, fried pudding leftovers and I put crumbled cooked chestnuts on mine (think he used flaked almonds.) Me and hubby had one on boxing day and it was delicious!

Christmas Pudding Leftovers

Well I think that’s enough catching up for one day! I am determined to get some scrapbooking done soon so will be uploading some layouts I promise!

Happy New Year! xxx

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