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In 2010 I aim to be VIVID!

I was inspired to create this layout by the Journaling Junkie Challenge ( and I’m cutting it very close to their deadline of midnight tonight! I know I didn’t have to get it done by then, as really I’m just doing the page for me, but it was quite fun to work to a deadline and also meant I’d definitely get it finished! The challenge was to choose a ‘2010’ word for yourself, saying how you were going to implement it etc. It appealed to me as an alternative to New Year’s resolutions. Here’s my LO:

Word Of The Year 2010 - Vivid layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

The word I chose was vivid, and the journalling reads:

‘When I was in College and Uni I used to be a lot more vivid. Not just that my clothes were louder and funkier, so that I stood out more, but I was clearer, more me. I feel I’ve lost something of my style and personality lately, I need to work out how to combine the ‘young’ me with the ‘wife’ me and the ‘mummy’ me, so I give more of an impression of who I am.

I will strive to have fun experimenting with clothes and accessories, to have a bright outlook, and to encourage my daughter to have a vivid imagination by engaging in lots of pretend play and craft. I will do my best to be distinct!’

Word Of The Year 2010 - Vivid layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I had a lot of fun doing the page, as I haven’t scrapped any current and personal thoughts or feelings for a long time, so it was quite therapeutic. I also liked digging through my stash for bright, happy colours and I even had a great magpie moment when I was looking for a rainbow and ended up cutting one out of a circle on an ASDA multigrain hoops cereal packet!

Word Of The Year 2010 - Vivid layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I’m going to put the page up on my wall to remind me of my word through out the year. I also hope the cheerful photos and colour scheme will make me smile and giving me a positive attitude to the world whenever I see it!

Jennifer x

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