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Extended Xmas

We didn’t manage to get to Kent to see our family there until last weekend, so Christmas lasted until then for us! It was especially festive as they had tons of snow, we were a bit worried we might not make it there because of the weather but had to try as we wouldn’t be able to get there for months otherwise because of work. And luckily we arrived there with no mis-haps and to see a beautiful white wonderland! I was in heaven as I love the snow and was gutted we had nothing but a dusting where I live!

Here’s Little Miss with a snowman we built with her, he’s only little as she didn’t really like the snow, fair enough really as it was over her knees in some places! She liked trying to throw snowballs at us though!

Little Miss in the snow Jan 2010

She looked very cute all bundled up and with her auntie’s hat on! I’m gonna miss this coat whenever she grows out of it, she looks like such a grown up little girl in it!

Little Miss in the snow Jan 2010

While I was in Kent my sister gave me a haircut (she’s an almost-qualified hairdresser), I wanted a 1920’s style short bob (no fringe!) and I love it. Except it doesn’t quite look like this when I style it – I don’t put enough effort in!

My daughter had fun opening more xmas pressies, she’d open one, appreciate it for 30 seconds and then ask to open the next one – she’s got the present bug alright! Here she is looking happy with her new big Eyeore cuddly – she keeps bringing this to me when I’m sitting at my desk during the day, I think she knows he’s too big for me to work around!

Little Miss with Eeyore

It was a wonderful Christmas! How was yours?!

Jennifer x

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