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lovely button necklace!

So I was just doing a bit of blog hopping, you know, when I was supposed to be doing some work, and I came across THIS POST by the brilliant SJ who’s blog I’ve been following for a while. This lady creates seriously pretty stuff. And when I saw this tutorial for a button necklace I just had to have one – right now!

Out came the button box (old ice cream tub!) and I delved through looking for suitable colours and sizes. Unfortunately my selection of big flat buttons was not vast, I seem to have mainly fiddly little ones or those which don’t have holes through. But I managed to find enough in a pale pink / grey / teal colour range to put together. I managed to finish it in about 25 mins; this did involve a bit of huffing when my wire wasn’t doing what I wanted it to! I don’t think I’ve managed to capture how nice the colours are but here’s some pics:

Wire & Button Necklace at Jennifer Grace Creates

Thanks SJ for a great teach! Wearing stuff like this will help me fufill my 2010 word to be more ‘vivid’ – see my post about that HERE.

Anyway, should really do some work now!

Jennifer x

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