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Wandwomen, Rag Rugs And Junk Creations…

I spent today in Dorchester at Dorset Women’s Day, an event organised by Wandwomen (Wand = Women’s Action Network Dorset; http://www.wandwomen.org.uk/). It was a day of free workshops, goodie bags, interesting stalls and yummy food, I had a fabulous time!

It was discovered by my friend Rosie, who picked up a leaflet about it a couple of days ago, and we were so intrigued by all the things you could do that we had to go check it out! There was even a free creche so I could take my little girl and have her looked after for the bits she couldn’t join me for. We took part in Street Dancing, a Self Esteem Workshop and two craft activities. The first of these was junk sculpture, building beautiful things out of rubbish, driftwood and odds ‘n’ ends! I asked my daughter what she wanted to make and she asked for an elephant so here he is:


She kept trying use the ‘trunk’ as a telephone until it was all glued together! I really like him, though I think his trunk needs some colour. It made me really want a glue gun so I can make some more funky stuff like this!

The other craft activity was rag-rug weaving on a peg loom. I let my daughter choose what materials I should start with – she picked a strip of pink bubble packaging!

 Dorset Women's Day 2010


So the rug evolved as a pink / white / blue fairy rug!


Here’s Rosie with her purply green creation (I was a bit jealous of her colour choice!)

 Dorset Women's Day 2010


I would love to do it again one day, and make a bigger rug without any bubble packaging in it!

I will definitely be looking out for Dorset Women’s Day next year. Perhaps I’ll help out this time? But then I wouldn’t be able to attend everything too!

See you soon, Jennifer x

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