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Sunny Days

It’s been lovely getting a bit of sunshine the last week or so, even though it’s still been cold! It’s meant that we could get up to some outdoor activities: clearing the garden, feeding the ducks, and going for some nodding-snowdrop and glittering-seaside walks.

Little Miss on a walk 2010

My dad came down for a visit and took us over to Swanage for the day. We went for a walk in Durlston Country Park, along the cliffs to see the lighthouse. For that portion of the day I had come prepared with welly boots for my daughter, so she could splash in the muddy puddles and kick stones about without me worrying. Then we went in to Swanage town centre for a wander around the shops, so I changed her into her flowery shoes and left the mucky wellies in the car.

On the way back to the car she shouts “beach, beach,” and I don’t often turn down a walk on the beach, so we had a stroll along the sand, with my little girl holding my hand, throwing stones into the sea and running away from the waves. On the way back up the beach to go home she sees the perfect stone.

“One more?” she pleads.

I’m feeling lazy by now, so I say “Okay, off you go,” and watch her run her cute little run back to the sea, and it’s a perfect moment for a sunny beach shot, so like a dutiful scrapper I get out the camera and get a beautiful picture:

Little Miss in the sea 2010


Then I decide to zoom in for a closer shot. Hmm, something isn’t right…

Little Miss in the sea 2010


Arggh! Ankle deep in seawater with pretty flowery shoes on! I shouted to her and she turned around with a bewildered look on her face, still standing in the sea. “Get out then you wally!” I call, running towards her, but she just looks forlornly down at the stone still clutched in her hand, not sure whether she should throw it first or obey mummy’s suggestion! She decided on a compromise, quickly dropping the stone with a splash and stomping out to me with her soaking feet!

Luckily I had some spare trousers in the car but no spare socks, I put my woolly gloves on her feet to keep them warm, which she wasn’t sure about at first but got used to as the car lulled her to sleep to recover from her ordeal!

The skies turned grey and threatening again this afternoon, but I had some good news to cheer me up. I’d won a Giveaway on Laura’s blog, the prize being a place on Shimelle’s new class ‘Something From Almost Nothing’ (click the image below to find out more about this). I was very excited to win as I’d been reading lots about the class from other participants and I wanted to be part of it, especially as it should help me use up some of my stash (and therefore give me an excuse to buy more!)


So thanks Laura for not only having a fun to read, inspiring blog, but also for giving us the chance to win great prizes!

Talking about great prizes my ‘Blogging for Bliss’ book that I won on Sian’s blog arrived very quickly and look how prettily it was packaged:


I love it! I’m sure I’ll use the fabric and the ribbon on future projects and the book is already proving to be a very interesting read, except that it’s so packed with good blogs to visit that I want to spend hours cruising around them instead of writing my own…!

They say good things come in threes and it looks like I’m on a winning streak, so tomorrow I’m definitely off to buy a lottery ticket! (Though I’ve probably jinxed any future win by saying it out loud. Oops.)

I’m off to investigate the Shimelle class forum and to look forward for the start of the class tomorrow – yay!

Jennifer x

3 thoughts on “Sunny Days”

  1. Lucky you living close to Swanage, what a beautiful part of the world. Love the welly story and what a cute picture of her in the sea!Blogger sometimes has a mind of its own and I can’t answer your question, the issue I have with it is that sometimes it will enlarge a photo when you click on it and sometimes it won’t. I always upload the same way so why should that be? Grrrrr …..


  2. Ooh, well done on another win and I’ll see you in class. I’m glad you like the book!Sorry, I can’t help with the blogger thing, but the full stop idea is a great one. I hadn’t even noticed they were there.


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