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Adorable Layout + Little Miss Photos

 Here’s my layout for Shimelle’s Cosmo Cricket challenge. I don’t have any Cosmo papers but I really like her ‘what we loved about this trip’ page, so I have scraplifted quite a few things from it, including the bright colours, the numbers across the top and in list form, some cloud detail, some flower embellishments, a multicoloured title, and the sketch! Phew! Hopefully my page still stands out as mine, despite all this lifting! I guess that’s the point of the challenge but I’ve never tried scraplifting before so it’s a new experience for me!

Adorable Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I bought these cute animal number stickers from Woolworths when it was closing down and hadn’t used them yet, they were perfect for this project:

 Adorable Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

I really latched onto the numbers from Shimelle’s layout, because I had been wanting to scrap this photo but not known what to say about it, and listing some of the little things that make my little girl so adorable was a good way to give the page a theme:

Adorable Layout at Jennifer Grace Creates

It took me a while to find letters for the title, and then I eventually went back to these felt letters which I’d discarded as there was no L left – I suddenly realised I could cut off a bit of a capital T and make it work!

Seeing as this is a post about my adorable daughter, and some of you might be worrying that I’d ignored her all day seeing as I said my babysitters had gone away, here’s a few pics of today to prove she hasn’t been neglected! Okay, she’s been getting a little less attention than normal whilst I’ve been scrapping and blogging, but I think she’s been having fun doing her own thing!

Building sandcastles:


Blowing Bubbles:


And getting messy with paint – what more could a two year old want?:


She’s also been copying me by cutting up bits of paper and sticking stickers all over the place, the cutest was when she asked me for a ribbon, because she saw me sticking letters to ribbon for my bridesmaids layout. I gave her a pink piece and she stuck hearts all along it. Definite scrapbooker in the making there!

Night night! x

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