Getting my priorities right! (pocket-sized plans)

So, off my list of things to do last week, I managed to:

  • Update my blog header and background
  • Prep my scrap-stuff / desk for Shimelle’s crop party
  • Make my sister-in-law a birthday card

I did not manage to:

  • Clean out the cupboard under my sink
  • Vacuum pack our thick winter jumpers and put them in the loft

What does this say about me??

Actually, I’m really pleased that I put crafting above housework for once. I was determined to take part in Shimelle’s crop party as much as I possibly could, and with 3 cards and 5 layouts made in one weekend, and a fresh blog look, I think it paid off. Especially as I just found out I won a set of Banana Frog stamps for making this card (the winners were randomly chosen out of the entrants to each challenge). Yay! Can’t wait to receive them!

Now, I know I can’t ignore the housework all the time, or I’ll end up living in a pigsty, but I definitely want to prioritise crafting more often from now on. I feel more productive when I focus on ‘creating’ for a couple of days – things come together more easily, meaning I enjoy the process more. So thanks Shimelle for giving me that push to devote more time to it.

My pocket sized plans for this week are to:

  • Clean out the cupboard under my sink
  • Vacuum pack the winter jumpers
  • Create an online gallery with photobucket, so that my layout pics can be viewed at a better quality. I had to use photobucket this weekend to sort out the divider between my posts, and it forced me to start using the service, which I’d been a bit lazy trying to understand. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before. It looks easy enough really. We’ll see if I still think that next week!
  • Help my little girl to make a money box out of papermache

That will do for this week, as I’m working tomorrow and all weekend. But I shall try to squeeze in a layout or two if I can!

Today we made a magnetic fishing game, by punching eye holes in fish cut from thin plastic, putting paperclips through the holes, and then using a magnet tied with string to a short bamboo stick as a rod to catch them. They were ‘swimming’ in a large flat tuppaware box. I got the idea from a book called ‘Cool Spaces for Kids’ by Sam Scarborough (a book which is beautiful but makes me jealous that I don’t have a big garden or own my own house).

My daughter loved the game, though the magnet kept falling off the string (I had been too impatient to glue it) so mummy got bored of the game quite quickly, as I had to keep tying the magnet back on! (we had been playing dress-up too, which is why she’s wearing a very dashing flowery waistcoat):

I need to glue the magnet to the string so we can play it again, it will be a great game for in the paddling pool in the summer!

I’m off to catch up on reading other people’s blogs, instead of typing away at my own…


5 thoughts on “Getting my priorities right! (pocket-sized plans)”

  1. Very cool game! Doing stuff like that with your daughter and making things instead of packing away jumpers means you’ve got your priorities right in my book!


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