too many plans!

You may have noticed that my pocket-sized plans are not getting updated weekly. I think I forgot how many other things there are to do.

Also, the things I plan to do always take longer than expected, as they just reveal more things to be done. For example, vacum packing some clothes meant we went up the loft, and discovered mice-droppings and nibbled clothes (we knew about the mice, and had caught and evicted them, but hadn’t realised they’d reached these clothes). So rather than just popping some stuff into the loft, we had to get down these other things (mainly baby clothes), do lots of laundry, sort them all out, and vacum pack them, as well as winter jumpers etc. We’re nearly done with it now though!

Sorting some scrapbook pics into an online gallery wasn’t so easy either, as I realised that our camera has been putting the wrong ‘date created’ onto our snaps for over a year. I have been going through hundreds of pictures and changing the date on them, so when we look back in years to come we won’t be so confused (they had said, for instance, that my daughter’s birthday in march was actually in september a year and a half before!). I have re-dated them all now, but not got around to organising the scrapbook pics for a gallery yet.

So, to conclude, my plans were not as pocket-sized as I thought. Even the paper-mache money box is taking longer than expected (so many layers!). But they are still plodding along, amoungst housework, toddler games and the odd bit of crafting!

On the crafting note, I have some exciting news, which I shall publish on a seperate post. For now I’ll leave you with the promise that I shall get an online gallery done this week. Yes I shall!

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