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grey days, bright cards

The weather is annoying me. It keeps being clear and sunny when I’m getting up, making me excited as I pull on my summery clothes and plan what we can do outdoors for the day, only to cloud over and look threatening and miserable by the time we’ve finished breakfast! This has prompted me to make a couple of bright cards, to send to people in the hope it will cheer them up on a grey day.

The first is a card to just say ‘hey’; a how-are-you-doing, I’m-wishing-you-lived-nearer kind of a card. I wanted a nice, simple design for this one (my cards can get way too fussy sometimes), so I got my inspiration from a sketch at Twisted Sketches, you can see their post and the DT’s cards here. Here’s the sketch and my take on it:

The second card is one uses inspiration from a few places. The first was from a lady named Alison, I found her blog Lime Green Life via the Copy & Paste blog last weekend. I saw this fabulous robot she’d appliqued (see her post here):

and I asked her permission to ‘copy and paste’ the cute little guy. She said yes so I made my own robot from card, wire and a bead:
Then I just needed inspiration for the card itself. I had seen ‘Claire’s Weekly Challenge’ at, so I took the colour scheme and the idea of squiggled rope from her photo of boats, turning the rope into tangled wire to fit the robot theme:

Finally, the quote ‘we are all individuals’ is one of my fave bits from the film ‘Life of Brian’ (clip here), and I have it on a postcard on my craft room wall so it jumped to mind when finishing off the card!

I’m not sure who I’m going to send these to yet, but hopefully when I’ve decided they’ll make the recipients smile!

6 thoughts on “grey days, bright cards”

  1. Those are lovely cards. Bright and cheerful indeed!The rain has just started here.And our boiler has broken down, so we’re starting to feel the chill. Maybe the sun will come out for the weekend


  2. Jennifer, these cards are so cute! Love them! Thank you so much for pointing me to ‘Little Birdie Secrets!’ I’ve started following it, and I think it will give me some great inspiration!


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