I must scrapbook this…

I’ve been organising photos on my desktop, and I found a folder with some childhood pics that my mum emailed to me a couple of years ago. It was in this folder that I discovered the picture of my sister looking just like my daughter does now (blogged about here), but that photo didn’t make me recall any particular place or time. These ones did:

They are from a family holiday to Scotland, when we stayed at a cottage by Lochgoilhead. This is the holiday I remember most strongly from my childhood, probably because I was a bit older and going through a pensive stage. I was at that ‘in-between’ age, where I still loved mucking about with my younger siblings, but also liked to distance myself from them at times, finding my own quiet spots to sit and think for a while.
My brother had broken his collarbone, as you can see his arm was still in a sling. I accidently leaned on his shoulder during the holiday and it hurt him a lot, a fact which I wasn’t allowed to forget for quite some time afterwards (he still brings it up occasionally)! I also managed to wreck my mum’s favourite wellies, she had leant them to me and stupidly I ran into the Loch, to try and get back a boat made with a plastic bag for a sail – it had escaped from me, and in the attempt to recover it (I didn’t want to pollute the Earth), the Loch water poured into the top of the wellies and filled them right up. They were great wellies too, navy blue with yellow string at the top. They were never the same afterwards. I was almost as upset as my mum. Another thing to feel guilty about, and contemplate during my pensive moments.
We played a lot of games of the ‘Hotel’ boardgame, which I’ve never played since, and am not sure I’d want to because it might spoil the memory. We also went indoor ice skating, hiked to a waterfall, and visited some ruins. But the best bits about the week were just us, hanging out in the cottage. It was right on the Loch, with steps down to the beach, and floor to ceiling windows in the front room so we could watch the boats go by. We ate and played and chatted and chilled.
I hope our family holidays turn out to be just as memorable for my little girl. Sometimes a certain ‘fresh air’ smell takes me right back to that holiday, and it makes me a bit sad (that I’m grown up and those days are gone) and very happy (that I had them) all at the same time.
I’ll have to scrapbook these pics! x

6 thoughts on “I must scrapbook this…”

  1. What lovely memories! I always wonder what parts of holidays our kids will remember and sometimes quiz them on what memories they have! It’s so nice to hear them laughing about silly things that happened.


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