flouring the floor

Yesterday afternoon we baked banana bread, though a lot of the ingredients ended up on the floor or in my daughter’s belly! She’s getting good at helping though, she squished the butter, broke the eggs, cut (with a blunt knife) the bananas & then mashed them, and mixed it all up. Now I’ve just got to train her to do the washing up and to clean the floor afterwards too!

The bread got a little bit overdone on the outside, but took ages to cook in the middle. I’m not sure if this was because I was using a silicone baking ‘tin’, perhaps it took too long to heat up? Does anyone else have any experience with silicone bakeware? I’ve got fairy cake cases too and not had any trouble with them, so I don’t know! It tasted fine anyway!
The weather has been somewhat dissapointing here, on Tuesday it was gorgeously sunny but I had to work. It was suppossed to be sunny for the rest of the week, but has been grey and dismal instead. I bet it will be sunny at the weekend when I have to work again! Still, it hasn’t been raining, so we managed to go to Bournemouth beach today with my friend Rosie. We had a picnic and threw stones into the sea – it was nice to get some sea air, but I wanted it to be warm enough to go for a swim!
What’s the point of living by the sea if the weather’s never nice enough to swim in the ocean? Next time I’ll take my wetsuit!

3 thoughts on “flouring the floor”

  1. Cute! I love your red checked tablecloth. I always have that trouble with banana bread too..it just seems to tay damp in the middle for a long time.


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