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Lately it’s been all go, with work, decorating, tidying up, and squeezing in some play time with my daughter – so I haven’t had much time for creating. But I managed to quickly make something when I was working last weekend, running a creative writing and craft weekend for gifted and talented kids, with the theme of ‘Creating Creatures’. All the students were building their fantasy animals / people out of junk and mod-roc (aka art-roc), building up a fact file on their creature with samples and information about it’s habitat etc, and then writing stories with their creations featured as a character. I was on hand with a glue gun to fix eyes (which used to be earings) onto a ‘Fither’ (a bird-like creature by Maisie) or hair and jewellery to a ‘Jinx’ (a cloud-mermaid by Sophie) and lots of other bits and pieces onto models or fact sheets:
Whilst I was waiting in between creatures, and after the kids had gone to bed, I managed to put together this character of my own:
She started off as a ‘Queen of Adventure’, but she evolved during the process to be something else. With her goat skull staff (made from the handle/temple/earpiece – don’t know what to call it!- off a pair of glasses), her clothes peg wings, and her belt with a dagger and charms, she now feels like a guardian or leader, I imagine her protecting lost fairies and showing them a safe path home. She doesn’t have a name yet, but she’s definitely got presence. Any suggestions for what to call her? I might dig out my ‘New Age Baby Names’ book and flick through it for inspiration.
After all that fun over the weekend, we also managed to come back and have a barbeque, in true brit style, as it looked like the heavens were going to open on us at any moment. Luckily it held off though, and we managed to sit outside and enjoy some food, including sweetcorn, which my two year old loves loves loves! She ate some that we’d cut off a cob, then she ate a whole cob, and after that she came around bugging us all for bites of ours!

But I can’t really blame her, as it’s her father’s influence:
I hope we manage to fit in lots more barbeques this summer! – x

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