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My Dad is down for a visit at the moment, he’s allowed to visit lots as he always takes us out and about, which is greatly appreciated since I can’t drive. On Wednesday we went to Corfe Castle for a wander around and then to visit Rollington Barn, which was exhibiting work of 70 artists as part of Dorset Art Weeks. There was also a display of art by some local school kids that had entered a competition, and I recognised a couple of names of students that have been on creative writing courses I’ve run with my friend Rosie. It was cool seeing other stuff by them as we only get to meet the kids for such a short time.

On thursday I had a driving lesson – scary – we actually went on roads with traffic -arrghh! And then I had to spend the afternoon catching up on office paperwork, so little one was in nursery.

Friday was fun though, as we went on a proper journey. First we went to Shaftesbury (about 45mins away) to visit a couple more Art Weeks venues. Shaftesbury’s main tourist attraction is Gold Hill – a quaint cobbled steep street that’s lined with cottages – it’s where they filmed the classic Hovis TV advert (see it here). It’s pretty, sure, but it’s just a hill really! Here’s my little girl standing at the top and begging to walk down it (she’s very into up and down at the moment – steps, rocks, hills, anything! So of course we went down and up again!):
She’s wearing one of my floaty scarves because I was wearing one and she wanted to be ‘beau-ful’ too!
From Shaftesbury we drove another 30mins or so to Wincanton, where my Dad wanted to visit a Discworld shop. He’s mad on Terry Pratchett, and I love some of the characters like the Wee Free Men and Mort, so I was happy to go along. The shop was quite cool, but we are too broke to be able to buy anything other than a couple of postcards (mine was a view of the town Twoshirts, for any of you that know what that’s about!)
After Wincanton we drove another 45mins or so to visit another Dorset Art Weeks exhibition, in the studio of an artist called Amanda Popham. She makes jugs, vases and ceramic figures. I’ve just tried to find a website but she doesn’t seem to have one so I can’t link it, but she’s very cool so try googling her if your interested – her stuffs’ all quirky and fun and seems to carry a story. More things we couldn’t afford though!
It then took us another hour to get home, by which point my daughter was seriously fed up of the car! I think she enjoyed the day though, as on top of the fabulous steep hill she got to walk up and down, she also managed to stroke several doggies (with permission!), she’d love to have a pet, but I’m gonna see if we have another kiddie first!
To make up for her being a bit bored on friday, we took her to her favourite place on Saturday – Corfe Castle. It was CorFest that day, which meant free entry into the castle grounds, a dog show, children’s entertainment, and lots of food and craft stalls. I wanted to buy lots, but managed not to despite the tempting free samples! Little one had lots of fun watching the dogs and the juggler and then clambering about the castle:
I know she is wearing a frilly skirt, people probably think I’m a silly fussy mum coz she’s usually wearing something dolly-like, but I’m really not. I just like pretty skirts, for me or her. I don’t worry about them getting grass stains and rips, and my daughter seems to find it easier running around in skirts, as all her trousers seem to fall down a lot – I think she inherited her dad’s skinny hips!
We spent the afternoon around Rosie’s, playing in her garden, splashing in a tub of water, blowing bubbles, and helping her do the weeding. Well, mostly they did all those things, while I read a book on a rug in the sunshine. Bliss!
Today was Wimborne Folk Festival, so we went there this morning, watching the Morris Dancers, browsing the stalls, and eating burgers and ice creams! Then it was getting too hot and busy, so we came home, changed, packed a beach bag, and headed to Studland:
It was goreously hot and sunny and I had lots of fun playing with little one, as she is getting braver now and ventures into the sea for a splash around. I got to have a nice swim too, and we built castles with a moat and hunted for shells. I’m so lucky to live where I do!
Finally, and sorry as I know this is a very long post, but I have to say Happy Birthday to my sister! She’s 19 today. It’s annoying that she lives too far away for me to go and spend the day with her, though hopefully once I’ve learnt to drive I will be able to go and visit more often. To let her know I was thinking of her I made this A5 card for her:
She’s dreaming of travelling to far-off places so I’m hoping the pic will help keep her motivated – she’s struggling to save enough money at the mo.
If you’re reading this Katy – I miss you! Hope you’re having a fun b’day!

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