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Ice-creams are yum!

My little girl was not at all keen on ice-cream the first few times we tried her with it. Fair enough, as she was quite young and it is, after all, quite cold. Then, suddenly, in the blink of an eye, she’s become an ice-cream addict. I have tried just sharing mine with her, but then I hardly get any – she offers me a lick and then says: ‘no, my turn’ and gobbles away at it!

So now I’ve learnt to get her one of her own, on the rare occasions that we actually buy them. Though I must say I’ve been a lot more keen on buying them since I discovered Purbeck Ice Cream, produced right here where I live, and the best stuff I’ve ever tasted – especially the chocolate, mmmmm.

When I saw that the Sarah’s Cards blog had a challenge to use paint on your layouts (challenge is here, but deadline is today!), I knew I wanted to use some ice cream photos and make a nice mess of a page, just like little one makes a nice mess of her chin when she eats them! So I started by splattering thick white acrylic paint all over the yellow background paper – it looks just like splotches of ice cream (the circles are made with the end of a cardboard tube):

I painted the ‘yum’ title letters with white acrylic paint too (they were blank chipboard before), and then I coated them with Anita’s clear gloss to make them all shiny, like ice-cream right before it starts melting all over your fingers!

I also made a couple of my own embellishments by watercolour painting an ice-cream and a dotted heart. I really like the ice-cream, and I am glad I was prompted to paint it as I never would have found an embellie the right size and shade in my stash.

I’m going to try and combine my arts and crafts more often. Since I found scrapbooking, and especially since I had my daughter, I’ve not done much painting, and I’ve missed it. I’ve had lots of fun on the pages where I’ve used my painting skills, and on the card I made my sis which I posted yesterday. So I’ll keep trying to use painting on my layouts and cards, but I’ll also try to use my papercraft skills on some artwork. Watch this space!

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