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I’ve decided to join in with ‘what’s on your workdesk wednesday’ – something I’ve seen a few bloggers participating in but haven’t taken part in myself before. It’s quite interesting seeing what other people are up to, but normally I tidy up after myself pretty quickly, and then realise it’s wednesday and there’s nothing on my desk. Not so today however:

Today my desk is a mess! The most prominent feature is my sewing machine, threads, etc, which I’ve just used to make my daughter’s Ariel doll a funky new dress:

My little girl got this Ariel doll for her b’day in March. She only came with her tail and seashell bra, and my daughter says that’s just for when she’s swimming, so I’ve been meaning to make her a dress for when she’s ‘on land’! Unfortunately though, it turns out I’m not a great seamstress – I fogot to leave armholes! I’ve just cut them out (my daughter was getting impatient!) but I’m gonna have to unpick it tonight and re-do it. Oops.
On the right hand side of my desk you can see some scrapbook papers and photographs that I started putting together this morning, and right at the back you can see the top of the windmills card that I posted yesterday. It’s still on my desk because I had to re-stick it this morning, the double-sided tape had all come unstuck during the night! So I used my hot glue gun instead, they seem to be staying put now!
I’ll have to wait until little miss has gone to bed tonight before I can nose around other people’s desks! What are you working on today?

16 thoughts on “WOYWW”

  1. Hi Jenniferwelcome to the fun,great desk piccies, dont talk to me about sewing machines they dont like me! lol. snazzy new dress, have good day,


  2. arm holes would be good! I’m a rubbish sewer (and speller) so would have forgotten them too! welcome to WOYWW!it’s very addictive. I always…usually…have a freebie on my post that’s there only for one week, so I hope you like clowns(Lyn)


  3. the dress looks good, so if your daughter doesn’t notice why bother to perfect it. maybe she would rather have more imperfect dresses than one perfect one (i am an expert imperfect sewer).


  4. Welcome to WOYWW Jennifer! I did once make a whole wardrobe for a neice’s barbiw, so I can share your pain – what a good mummy. And frankly, arm holes should be optional extras!


  5. Hi Jennifer 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment on my IACW post today – I hope your daughter likes her new notebook. I love just sitting watching Ruby with hers.Welcome to WOYWW, I’ve missed a couple of weeks trying to catch up with a CJ that was due to go last week but I really enjoy it and have found so many fabby blogs and made some great friends that I doubt I would have ‘met’ otherwise. I love that you sewed up Ariels arm holes – just the sort of thing I wouild do 😉


  6. Welcome to the madness we call WOYWW. Glad you joined us. I know you’re going to love it here. I can’t sew a straight line. I recently made four book covers for some altered pages, and I messed up on every one of them. In fact, I made the same mistake three of the four times. I can relate to no arms. Happy belated WOYWW.


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