up in the air!

A couple more Shimelle photo challenges for you, and for both of them I couldn’t choose just one picture!

The first is to take a photo of the sky, you can see the challenge here. I picked up my camera and snapped this as soon as I read the post, and I’m very glad I did, as it was about the only half hour when it hasn’t been raining here today! I leant out of my window to take these, as there was a good break in the clouds with blue sky peeping though, and I liked the way the telephone wires created a pattern across it. I can’t decide if I like it best in portrait or landscape though:

The other challenge I have ready to share is to take a photograph that shows explosive energy! (See Shimelle’s post here.) Now I knew what I wanted to do for this one, and boy was my daughter excited when she heard it too. I imagine she was thinking something like: ‘What? Wait a minute mum, you actually want me to jump on the bed? Hell yeah!’

I think this is a photoshoot she’d be happy to repeat any day!

I’m halfway through scrapping with black and white photos, so I’m off to get little one to bed and then craft till I drop! xx

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