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100th post!

Wow, my 100th post. It seems fitting that I’m using it to post responses for Shimelle’s online crop, as without her ‘blogging for scrapbookers’ class I would never have got my blog into gear!

So here we are, a few pics for some photo challenges. I love it that Shimelle included photo tasks as well as crafting ones, as it means I’ve been replenishing my ‘to scrap’ photo stock as well as using some up!

Challenge: Study Session (include books or literature in some way) ~ taken tonight:

Challenge: At Home (take a photograph of something in your home) ~ taken this afternoon:
Challenge: Smiles (snap a pic with at least one smile) ~ taken on the beach today, I was so pleased to get this as it’s hard to get photos of my hubby smiling instead of grimacing:
Challenge: Portrait or Candid (take a photo of a person using your fave style) ~ I like both styles but went for portrait as I love some of the faces my daughter pulls when she sees I have the camera turned her way:
I took the last two at the beach this morning, I was so glad that we got a sunny day as my hubby is off work this week, and I was worried it would rain all week! Tomorrow we’re going to finish off some decorating (remember 3 months ago when I was decorating my dining room? Still not finished!) and then at the end of the week we’re hopefully going out a couple more days, if the weather cooperates! Off to get the wallpapering stuff ready! xx

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