LSNED 2nd Sept

I chose one of the lessons I posted yesterday for my LSNED page:

You can see I chose the lesson about keeping a two year old quiet in a church! I was really pleased to find the number 2 in the shape of a snake as one of my other lessons was snake related too!

I’m off to a 30th bday party now, so no time to post any more, other than the card I’ve made for the birthday boy:

Bye for now! xx

3 thoughts on “LSNED 2nd Sept”

  1. Fabulous page. I was admiring it in class this morning. 🙂 Oh I remember the days all too well! The number of times we had to dip out for a walk round!! Trouble is they soon cotton on if you start those games!lol. Always took little boxes of rasins & a jigsaw book (all the pages are jigsaws!) Great card. Enjoy the party.xx


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