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My dream day

Last week’s Sunday challenge at The Studio Challenges blog was to scrap about a perfect day – one that hasn’t happened yet, but that you’d like to have if you could do anything you chose (see the challenge here). I was going to create a layout but ended up with a little booklet instead:
There’s obviously a lot of things I could have chosen to happen on a perfect day – like winning the lottery (!) – but I was inspired by Lisa‘s layout about visiting a city, to record the dream of a trip to London. We had planned to take our daughter up to London for a day over the summer holidays, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough money. I don’t see us being able to afford it anytime soon either, so I’ve recorded this little dream to remember that it’s something I’d love to do – and hopefully one day we shall!
It was quite fiddly making the 3D city, but I had fun engaging the creative portion of my mind to work out how to do it! And I got an appreciative ‘wow’ from my daughter when I showed it to her, so I’m happy! xx

7 thoughts on “My dream day”

  1. Hi!! thank you very much for your comment on my blog! i find your take on this challenge so creative and so personal! i don’t think i am able to do such a 3D layout!! well done!


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