Alter It Monthly – Sealed with Magic

October’s theme at Alter It Monthly (a challenge blog no longer running) is etheral/magical/supernatural. I was thinking of doing something including a fairy image, as I haven’t done any fairy art for ages, but then I was inspired by both the DT and the other entrants items, to go for something a bit darkly magical. Here’s my altered box:

It started as a plain papermache box from Hobbycraft:

I painted it with red-brown acrylic paint, crackle glaze, and black paint (except for the middle of the lid which I left red-brown):

I painted the inside black too (after failing miserably at trying to glue some fabric in – any tips?):

The top was decorated with various items, including some lace trim which I coloured with Tattered Angels gold Glimmer Mist, an old watch key which I linked onto a bit of bracelet chain, and the words ‘sealed with magic’. I also used blood red sealing wax to attach some items to the lid, and to gloop around the edge of the lid so the box looks sealed. If I was actually giving it to someone with a gift in I’d seal it up properly!

It would be good for a halloween gift, or for storing gemstones with magical properties. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it for myself or not yet!
We went chestnut collecting today, I’ll be back tomorrow to talk all about it! xx

9 thoughts on “Alter It Monthly – Sealed with Magic”

  1. Great work! I love the crackle effect… it shows up beautifully with your choice of colours. Thank you so much for joining in this month 🙂 we appreciate every single participant. Glueing fabric in,… ummm well for a start i find it best to have a circle of card that fits the bottom ( slightly smaller) then a circle of the material slightly bigger than .. and cover the card circle with that . once you glue your side piece in ( with a little excess material at the bottom snipped in to tabs.. glued to the inside base ) you pop your base circle inside to cover up the rough edge… that might have sounded confusing without a diagram lol


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