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Food Splatter!

Hello everyone, and happy National Scrapbooking Day!

I’ve actually managed to do some scrapbooking today, and might try and squeeze in a bit more later when little miss has gone to bed!

This morning I finished off this ‘food splatter’ layout, using some pics from 2008 when my daughter was 6 months old. I’ve had these photos printed and waiting to be scrapped for simply ages, and was prompted to finally get them onto a layout when I saw that The Paper Variety Challenge this week was ‘let’s get messy!’ A perfect theme for these pics (click photo to see the page larger):

I had fun splattering thick orange paint onto the pink textured cardstock I used for the base, though it was less fun when I realised I’d also slightly splattered my cream carpet! Don’t tell my husband (he’ll never notice the little tangerine speckles if I don’t point them out!) The paint looks really similar to the orange goo that my daughter had all over her face, I wish I could remember what flavour the food was, probably sweet potato!

I used one of my little girl’s stamps to create the little dots of paint on the turquoise cardstock, and edged them onto the photos a bit to really show the mess factor. I also ink-stamped a couple of circles just under the turquoise cardstock, to mirror the ring pattern on her chair.

I also painted this wooden circle yellow, and then drew a circle of red pen on top, also to mirror the rings on her chair. For a final messy touch I scattered a few blue glitter dots around the top left and bottom right corners of the page – I usually only use gems or dots in a very neat line or pattern and I found it quite hard to make them look less organised!

It feels good to get those photos scrapped!

Hope you’re having a great day, and managing to get some creating done, wherever you are! xx

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