Scrapbook Layouts

One little monkey…

… jumping on the bed!

My second layout using my counterfeit kit, and using a sketch from a Two Peas in a Bucket NSD challenge (link to the challenge is here).

The sketch:

My layout (click to enlarge):

I loved being able to pull most of the bits for this from my kit, it made it all come together so quickly! I added the orange circle of paper, and printed the little monkey from clipart. The title is from a song my daughter sings at playgroup about monkeys jumping on the bed, luckily my daughter has not yet bumped her head like the naughty monkeys do in the song! I added some paint (the white circle and the swirl) and then doodled on top. I hope the page reflects the fun and energy in the photos.
I had been waiting to scrap these photos for a while, I like it when I catch my daughter playing something by herself. The other day I managed to get this picture of her:

These ‘My Little Ponies’ were mine when I was a little girl, I kept them all this time hoping I’d have a daughter. This is the first time I’ve caught her playing with them by herself, she said they were all reading the magazine. It was so sweet! Now I can’t wait to scrap this photo! x

12 thoughts on “One little monkey…”

  1. Oh, I so love the story of the my little ponies being yours as a little girl! Sweet layout! Liked the use of the colourful felt letters for the spelling of jumping.


  2. That monkey jumping on the bed layout is sublime….just perfect!!!….and as for the pic with the ponies….pulls on my heartstrings! I saved a collection of toys I had for my future child, too….so sweet to see them getting as much happiness from them as you remember having :)This will make such an adorable and meaningful spread…all colorful and ponylicious…heehee!


  3. Great Monkey layout. The circl ab=nd the different alphas work really well. That pony page will be great. What a big collection you had – well done for keeping them


  4. I always love to see her happy smile – I’ve said before that I think it is very like your, haven’t I?! Amazing collection you have there and it’s so nice to see a new generation enjoying it


  5. It certainly does reflect her lively happiness! Your take on the sketch is full of interest :). Looking forward to seeing what happens with the little ponies – how nice for you to see them being cherished by your own little one!


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