10 things my daughter says a lot!

See Shimelle’s blog here if you want to see why I’m listing 10 things!

Here’s 10 of my daughter’s phrases which are well used at the moment:

1. “Scrubbly” – as in, ‘it’s all lovely and scrubbly’, or ‘that’s too scrubbly’ – I think it’s her word to use when she doesn’t have a word that fits!

2. “The naughty crocodile did it” – she won’t admit to being the culprit at the moment. This last week she has cut off a bit of her hair, and spilled a drink of apple juice all over the coffee table, but it wasn’t her – it was the naughty crocodile.

3. “Smile at me mummy” – when she knows she’s being annoying she gives me a very cute, smug smile, and gets upset if I don’t smile back.

4. “Just pause it, I need to talk to you” If we ask her to be quiet when something good is on the telly. Of course, we can’t talk during her programmes!

5. “Just a little bit more playing” or “play with me a little bit mummy?” – kind of irresistible, even when we’re late getting ready to go out.

6. “I’m not a girl, I’m a pussycat” – or a tiger/lion/doggie – there’s been a lot of crawling around on the floor lately, even in the library.

7. “I’m good at winning aren’t I mummy?” – we’ve been playing a lot of ‘snap’ with Disney princess cards. She’s surprisingly good at it. Or I’m just really bad at it!

8. “I need a huggle” – I really don’t want to correct this one, I love it that she’s put the words ‘hug’ and ‘cuddle’ together! She pronounces most words really well so I’m letting a couple of wrong ones slip through for now as they’re just too cute! Another one is ‘forgetti’ instead of ‘spaghetti’!

9. “I’m going to be bigger soon” or “I’m going to be four soon” – her birthday isn’t until March. Why do they start wanting to grow up so young?

10. “Love you mummy / daddy” – Ok, I know this one isn’t funny, but it’s my favourite thing she says, for obvious reasons!

Do you know any kids with cute phrases? x

18 thoughts on “10 things my daughter says a lot!”

  1. Awww, adorable! My favourite of Adam’s is ‘good luck’, Steve wished me good luck a few weeks ago when I left the house and now Adam says it at least 3 times a day – normally when I am about to walk down the stairs which makes me very suspicious! 🙂


  2. These are great! Marin, my 3 year old was running aroun on her birthday in April saying, “This is the best birthday ever!” And Gavin, age 5, I overheard saying to my DH, “That’s totally awesome dude!” I don’t know what it was about but I think it had something to do with a video game.


  3. Awww this will be so lovely to look back at when your daughter is older. This gives me some idea of things Dillon might say and how he will act in a few years time.


  4. What a lovely post! I’m a fan of ‘new’ phrases and words (we use ‘huggle’ here too!), and especially like the usefulness of the crocodile: must try that one! My DD used to go up and down stairs holding on to the ‘balance-ter’. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


  5. Definately a page to be scrapped!! One of my boys, Max, always used to say ‘Sorry Mummy, it was a maxididnt’ as in Maxi didn’t do it merged with accident! Cute!


  6. ‘huggles’ is one of the words my children always used to use when they were little,… “Huggles and kissles Mummy” 🙂 and “I wuvvles you”My youngest always said “Oovalit” instead of “all of it” (“have you eaten all your dinner Bethany?” “yes, mummy, I had oovalit” *lol*).Love your list… and it will be something to always treasure, those little words and phrases that your children use … so sweet.


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