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My LSNED book

On the 1st of September Learn Something New Every Day will begin at I took this class for the first time last year (you can see the art journal I made for it here), and I’ve been really looking forward to the class stating again. I love looking back on my book from last year and I hope I’ll like this year’s one just as much!

For this September I’ve made myself a counterfeit smash book, turning an old, damaged Ladybird book into a journal:

Here’s a photo of the book when I’d just cut the front cover off, so you can see how battered it was (to cut the covers and pages off I just used a craft knife and metal ruler):

I punched the holes in the cover for the book rings by using my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite. To see what else I’ve done to get the book ready for class, you can watch this you tube video. The book is packed with papers and other bits and pieces, all ready to go (to view the video larger on You Tube just click on it once it’s started playing):

Sorry about all the ‘errrms’!

Things mentioned in the video (except Shimelle’s site which I’ve already linked above!):

  • I’ve made the book a bit like a smash book, to see the actual branded Smash Book that I got the idea from then check out this YouTube video.
  • Some Studio G alphabet stamps like the ones I used can be purchased here (I bought mine a long time ago from The Range Home and Leisure)
  • Julie Kirk’s blog: (I won the Airmail twine on a giveaway on her blog, and she sent the fabric strip in with the prize!)
  • The airmail twine can be purchased from The Ribbon Girl here.
  • The kraft paper I used for the pages inside can be purchased from Paperchase.
  • Kirsty Neale’s first post on security envelope decorative tape is here, and her second post about using other papers is here.
  • The Stick It glue dots that I’ve used on my page markers can be bought here.
The book is a little bit smaller than 6″x4″, so I could slightly trim down a portrait 4″x6″ photo if I wanted to include one full size. But I’m planning that if I include photos they’ll mostly be ones from my Ipod Touch Hipstamatic or Instagram Apps, so I’ll print them as 3″x3″ square pics to stick in. To do my ‘dates’ each day I’ll either just handwrite them, or I’ll cut them from a newspaper or mag to stick in.
Hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at my book! If you have any questions, eg. if you want to know the make of a particular stamp or scrapbook paper then let me know as I should be able to tell you.
Are you taking part in LSNED this year? Do you have any lessons that you want to learn this month? Or are you going to just take each day as it comes? I’d like to learn how to make blackberry jam. Let’s see if that happens! I’ll be showing my pages throughout September as they get filled up, I hope you’ll be back to see them!

26 thoughts on “My LSNED book”

  1. Wow Jennifer! This is fantastic! What a great little video, I love how you have all sorts of shapes and sizes of pages in your book. And making it from the Lady Bird book is brilliant!


  2. Now that is a seriously cute idea for a LSNED album! I love the retro-school thing it has going on.I joined in last year at the last minute and it’ll probably be the same this year because I have made no preparations yet!


  3. This is just brilliant! I’d love to know more about the tapes at the back, did I miss a website or name there? I admire you starting any class with a small person around. See you in class xx


  4. Brilliant! Love how you’ve used the cover of the old book… and that made me smile because I once owned a copy of that book when I was an ickle little girl – I loved it!Ooh… happy memories 🙂 Thank you!


  5. Congratulations on the birth of your son, they’re a joy. I’ve got a 2year old and a nearly 4 month old so I know what you mean about not having time! Love love love the book you’ve made and the video was fabulous. Your voice is so easy to listen too. Can’t wait to see what you do with your book throughout september! Definatly a blog to follow!


  6. Oh Jennifer I love it! I live in the USA now (for 30 odd years) but was born and raised in the UK . I remember those books so well, your book cover is beautiful. Thanks for the memories, I am looking forward to the class, my first time.


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