LSNED 1st and 2nd Sept

A brief post to show you the first couple of entries in my Learn Something New Every Day book (if you don’t know what I’m talking about see previous post here).

1st Sept:

2nd Sept:
I’m having fun using my Ipod Touch for all the photos. The photo booth ones were taken using the PocketBooth App, and the others were all taken with the standard camera, and then effects were applied in the BeFunky App. The quality of them isn’t perfect, but they work well as little prints for this kind of ‘smash’ book.
Hope you don’t mind me doing an Ebay mention – I’m currently selling some scrapbooking and cardmaking bits, including papers, a scrapbook calendar kit, stamps, and more. If you’e a uk girl and you fancy grabbing a bargain then check them out here (scroll down – there’s a few items of maternity clothing at the top!).
Now Mollie Makes issue 5 is calling me to read it! Bye for now x

9 thoughts on “LSNED 1st and 2nd Sept”

  1. Wonderfully colourful and energetic – I see so many beautiful and interesting things with phone apps that i might just have to get myself an iphone … :). Glad you are enjoying it.


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