LSNED 20th – 24th

Hello! Sorry my blog is becoming all about Learn Something New Everyday at the moment, but it won’t be for much longer. I can’t believe September is nearly over. Here’s my pages for the 20th to the 24th (the 24th has a few page photos – it was a big day!):

I’m pleased I’ve managed to keep up with LSNED, but I’m also quite looking forward to next month when I can get some other craft projects done – it’s kind of taken over September! I know I’ll be really pleased to look back on this book in the future though.
Hope everyone is having a good week! x

9 thoughts on “LSNED 20th – 24th”

  1. More Fab pages!!! You will have a lovely book to look back on! Great to read about your day in Bournemouth, glad you all had a good time. Sorry I didn’t get to chat much at the Craft Day! x


  2. Oooh looooovely! I so like your LSNED album format this time. The double pages with little details – like lacey doileys – are just fab. The “lessons” are fun to read and the pages are a great mish-mash of colour and ideas. Love it!


  3. Jennifer, I’ve just found your blog via Louise’s, I love youre LSNED book and how you’ve created it from an old child’s book.I’ve been looking around for some sort of mini album to record my little ones adventures a playgroup and I think your idea would be fab.Thank you so much for the inspiration and the most fantastic blog.Ju xP.S – I let you know how it turns out and link my blog back to yours xx


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