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I have been busy, honest!

Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. I have been busy with lots of bits and pieces, and have also been feeling a bit under the weather (just a cough and cold), but these things have added up to blog laziness. I do apologise!

One of the things I’ve been doing is some DT work for SJCrafts, hopefully I’ll be able to share my DT projects with you at some point this week! I’ve also been trying out digi scrapping, so I’ll post my digi pages in a couple of days too (and heads up – they’ll be a giveaway with that post!)

For now I can show you some little bits I’ve been up to. I’m making my daughter a rag doll for a Christmas present, and while I was waiting for the material to arrive to make the actual doll, I decided to get started by crocheting a blanket for it. I found the pattern via the Ravelry site (which I’ve recently discovered is a great resource for knitting and crochet patterns), this pattern is by Norwegian blogger Solveig. I’ve got this far:

I just need to add the rest of the off-white yarn to join it all together. I’m trying out making it this size, for a doll, and if I don’t get too stressed out with it then I’m going to attempt to make us a large blanket. But that will probably take me all of 2012!

Another thing I’ve been up to is making a Hippy costume for my husband. He had a charity day at the retail store he works in, so I spent an evening tuning some of his clothes into groovy 60’s gear! My favourite was these trousers, they used to be smart business trousers. I stitched in some triangles to make them into flares, and then my friend Rosie helped me paint them with hippy designs:

It was so much fun! And he looked the part on the day, with a bright red wig definitely making him stand out from the crowd (we dressed little miss up a bit too when we went to see him):

So there we go, a little glimpse into what I’ve been up to. Now we’re about to eat some chestnuts we gathered yesterday, and then I may have to force myself to watch Downton Abbey which I recorded last night. My idea of a perfect autumn evening!  x

7 thoughts on “I have been busy, honest!”

  1. Wow! I love the costume you made and your husband looks very happy wearing it! I bet you can’t wait to start making costumes for the kids…bring on the school plays! 🙂


  2. Great costume – he could go trick or treating in that :)My favourite Christmas present when I was little was a doll and clothes for her all made by my Mum. She’ll never forget it


  3. I recently found Ravelry too!!! Just haven’t bought the yarn, LOL! LOVE the hippie costume!!! That picture is great! I forsee peace signs on a future layout of yours.


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