January in Numbers

Hello hello,

I’m joining in again with Julie Kirk’s ‘Month in Numbers’ see here if you don’t know what I’m talking about! My numbers for January are:
50 out of 50 (multiple choice), and 64 out of 75 (hazard perception) to pass my driving theory test! Yay! Next step, to book my practical… and to do a lot more practice!

4, or maybe 5 or 6, I’m losing count – the number of times I’ve had to scrub orange goop out of clothes  (mine and / or baby boy’s). We’ve started on weaning and it’s a bit hit and miss so far ~ in that he keeps missing the idea of actually eating the food, and scoring a hit when he whacks the spoon out of my hand and onto my jeans.

3 – the number of balls I managed to pot when we had an evening out with our friends for my husband’s birthday, and played a few games of pool (in couples teams). I didn’t do too well, but as I hadn’t played since 2006 it wasn’t too bad. And one of the balls was the black to win the game so I feel like I triumphed. It was good to have a night out with these friends – as usually they are our babysitters so we can’t all go out together!:

8.20am the time that baby slept until one Sunday. Oh, he’d still woken up a few times during the night for feeds, but normally he wakes up by 7am as well. A lie in until 8.20am seemed like heaven, which feels crazy. Ah, for the days when I could lie in until 11am and read a book with my breakfast!

100 – my daughter asked me to count to 100 a few days ago. She’s starting to understand that ‘big’ numbers do actually mean something, it’s really interesting to watch her learning things like that! She waited very patiently while I counted, and then sat for a minute in silence while she took it in. Then she completely changed the subject – probably in case I asked her to try and count that high!

And finally 1 – for a first – my blog was featured in a magazine, yay! It’s in ‘Popular Crafts’ under Sites To Be Seen. I was very proud to see my blog header pictured in there!

That’s all for this month. I’m going to take Julie’s advice and open a draft for February’s numbers straight away so I can be more organised with my blogging!

Hope you all have a fabulous February!

10 thoughts on “January in Numbers”

  1. Wow congratulations on the blog listing i’m not surprised you’re proud! 🙂 your little girl is so cute! Well done on being able to count to 100. No mean feat! See u next month! X


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