February in Numbers

Hi hi!

Here I am again, taking part in Julie Kirk’s Month in Numbers. See her blog here for details if you want to join in, or to check out some more numerical lists!

4 inches of snow had fallen in my in-laws home town in Essex, which we got to play in when we drove up the day before my Granny’s funeral:

1 Snow White flower display for my Granny, to say goodbye to her. Snow White was her favourite princess and she collected ornaments to do with the film, so it was the perfect display for her. It was a sad day saying goodbye but at least all my family were there so we all celebrated her life together:

20 the number of days my sister Katy came down to Dorset to stay with us. She came for an extended visit as she’d been travelling in Australia for ten months before that, so she had to stay for a while to meet, and get to know, her newest nephew! It was fantastic having her around to help out with him, and of course he loved playing with her:

6 slices of bread fed to the ducks (and the pesky seagulls that kept swooping in to steal some):
22nd – the date Katy bought an Iphone because she wanted to use the Hey Tell app to talk to her friends, and because I’d made her jealous with all the photo apps that can take pictures like this:
257 – my total score across 2 games of ten pin bowling. We had the bumpers up as my daughter was playing, otherwise my score would have been a lot lower! As it was I came third, only beating my daughter. I was trying to help her, but she was a lot better once I let her do her own thing! Photos from the bowling alley:

£30 for tickets for myself, my sister, and my friend Rosie, to go to a Ceilidh dance at a local manor house. It was amazing fun, though we learnt it’s not a good idea to go to a Ceilidh with odd numbers, as all the dances are for couples! But we took turns and had a good giggle, and came 4th in the pub quiz. We won a nice bag which we’re all going to swap on a timeshare scheme – ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ style – and post it to each other with a letter each month! Photos from the Celidh evening:

So there we go. Lots of photos this month – my sister probably brought that out in me. She’s a big photo taker – she’s got over 1,700 photos on her facebook page! Whoa!
Hope you had a great February – here’s to March! x

9 thoughts on “February in Numbers”

  1. So sorry to hear about your Granny, it would have been my Grandma’s birthday [Feb] so I’ve been thinking about her a lot last month. How very lovely to have your sister with you though after not seeing her for a while. And you’re the 2nd Month in Numbers blogger who’s been bowling … you could start a team! ;-)Thanks for joining in again, you’re on the board now [with the right photo too!]:http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/Julie 🙂


  2. Popping in from the pinterest board. Great numbers and love all you photos – particulary the I phone ones – I forget about mine for photos must use it more.


  3. I’m very, very impressed with the number of photos! Wish I could make myself take more – I’m still stuck in the “save some film for something important” days I think!Magic flower display!


  4. Such fantastic photos … i love that one of the seagulls – would make a brilliant poster! And the ones of the bowling alley are so atmospheric. Glad you were able to say goodbye in such a fitting way for your Granny …


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