April in Numbers

Welcome back to another month measured in factual figures! If you’d like to see who started this brilliant blogging idea, then see Julie Kirk’s information on her blog here, or her post for this month here.

My April in numbers:

6 different dinosaur craft items made with my daughter at the local library craft day. Here’s my favourite – a dinosaur theatre:

£8.50 paid to get into Corfe Castle (a National Trust property) on a day out with my daughter. My friend Rosie offered to look after my baby for the day, so that me and little miss could have some quality time together. So, despite the drizzle, we went on an adventure to find treasure and save animals (all pretend!). It was great fun, and my daughter was very happy, until about two minutes after this picture was taken – when she fell into the river! It was shallow, and after a few tears she was fine and going over the stepping stones again:

1pm – the time for an Easter-Egg hunt at the house of one of my daughter’s friends. They had great fun running around the garden, but even more fun eating all the treats:

5 T-Shirts spray painted, ripped, and safety-pinned, to turn five crazy girlies into a punk girl band for the day. It was all for my friend Rosie’s 30th birthday treat (to see our music video see my earlier post here):

50 nail polishes produced for a sleepover the same weekend. All these nail polishes belonged to one girl. I was quite impressed, but she did admit she bought a few of them over fifteen years ago!:

£2.10 paid for car parking at Swanage – a significant number because I drove my sister and kiddies there, and went to a different car park to start with because it was easier to park in (I only passed my driving test last month). But when I saw the price to park there I decided to be brave, and park in the smaller, cheaper car park! It was fine, I should have more confidence in my parking skills. We had a lovely time on the beach, though the wind was a bit chilly:

280 acres of Country Park to explore at Durlston in Swanage – we had a nice long walk along the cliffs. I love going to this country park, as there’s a lighthouse and a castle to see, old quarry caves which were used for smuggling too, wildlife and wildflowers, plus a good sea breeze to blow all your troubles away:

2000 volunteers donated knitted and crocheted items to a Blooming Marvellous garden display which was also at Durlston when we visited. My favourite bit was this pond, complete with newts, frogs, and a garden gnome (for more photos of the garden see their blog here):

2 very sleepy kiddies when we got back home:
And finally, 5 layouts completed for Shimelle’s online crop. You can see more about the layouts here, here, here, here and here, if you missed them before!:
Thanks for looking. I had a fabulous April and I hope you did too! 
Now for May, which will include a trip to visit my mum and family in Kent, my Grandparents in Suffolk, and a Gig in Reading. Plus, of course, more scrapbooking and silliness!
Bye for now x

12 thoughts on “April in Numbers”

  1. That top photograph is amazing – I think Sian is right when she describes it as “magical.” And the one of the gals is purple is such fun. At 16, my son still falls asleep in the car like your two!Thanks for the nice share today,rinda


  2. Some fab photos to record your month – love the punk girlband photo. I am slightly embarrassed that I now own approx 80 nailpolishes, maybe I should have a little cull and add them to my numbers next month LOL!!


  3. The photo of your daughter by the creek is absolutely beautiful. Dreamy.Awesome layouts!! Love love that they all have such soft gentle colours in them, but fun bold patterns and designs. Beautiful work.


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