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June in Numbers… How Organised Was I?

It’s time again for the monthly ritual of blogging what’s been going on in my life in a numerical manner, as begun by Julie Kirk of Notes on Paper – you can see her post for this month here.
I didn’t want to leave my Month in Numbers until after the weekend, so instead, I’m going to tell you about my goings on, but focusing on the organising side of things!
We had 12 children on the last ever Creative Creatures weekend course that I’ll be running. We did lots of fun adventurous activities, including having a (rather smoky) fire. Me and Rosie had not been organised enough to remember to bring marshmallows, but luckily our lovely friend that works at the same centre popped out and bought us some – I ate 2 which were melty-delicious!:

There was a jubilee party in our town square, to mark our Queen’s 60 years on the throne. There was a fancy dress competition for my daughter to enter. It would have been nice if I could have organised myself enough to make her a costume, but I didn’t have time, so she just wore her Cinderella outfit. It was a good move, because she won 1st prize:
 (see a layout based on this event here)

When me and my my little ones went for a walk, we were chased by 3 dragons. Imaginary ones, luckily, though they did turn out to be friendly in the end! And I was organised enough to take my camera, which I don’t often remember when we’re popping out for a quick walk – but I was not organised enough to check it was on the right settings. The ISO was set way too high, so the picture is a little grainy, but I love it anyway!:

When my friend Rosie’s brother and his daughter came to visit, we had organised to spend the day at another friend’s house, playing a treasure hunt. However, that friend was unwell at the time, so we had an impromptu trip to the beach instead, and we had exactly 10 items of very damp clothing by the end:

I spent £55.30 on a return ticket to London for my sister’s birthday, because I hadn’t been organised ahead of time to buy it on the cheaper advance tickets. It doesn’t matter, as it was well worth the money – we had such fun, with our mum there too, trying on clothes and watching the Wizard of Oz musical:

I went to my friend’s wedding reception, and danced the night away – I was glad I went, as for a lot of the evening there was only 2 of us on the dancefloor – me and the bride! I hadn’t been organised enough to make the card before the day – but I made this one about 30 minutes before I left:
We went to OS ref: SY983 882 to take a walk with Rosie to Shipstal beach. I was pleased I’d been organised enough to take the buckets and spades, we had fun building castles, and baby had fun knocking them down:

I had to organise costumes and decorations, as well as packing for camping, when we went to my sister and I’s joint birthday party – there were 26 of us in total, and most of us were in Disney costume: 

And finally, something I hadn’t organised, was that my Grandad came to visit us, from approximately 210 miles away, last night (he did tell me he was coming a week before, I just hadn’t organised it myself!). And he unexpectedly brought me this bureaux that he wanted cleared out of his loft. I can’t wait to fill it with stash, it will certainly help me sort some more things out:
So there we go, my up-and-down organising in June! What big or little things are you thankful to have organised, or have worked out okay even if you didn’t organise them before-hand?
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I’ll be back shortly! x

23 thoughts on “June in Numbers… How Organised Was I?”

  1. One thing I did finally get around to organising was my stuffed drawerful of ribbons – they’re all sorted into colours now and tied on to tiered clothes hangers…mind you, the trousers which used to be on those hangers are now in a pile in my wardrobe. Well, one thing at a time 🙂


  2. I am proud to say that I changed the sheets on all my beds the day before going on vacation (last week), and washed all clothes. I came home to fresh beds and it felt so good. Also, I even emptied all suitcases by the end of the next day (major feat for me). I did have incentive tho-Jennifer’s Jumbles weekend!!


  3. Loving the costumed photos and that bureau the best! I have actually spent a great deal of the week organizing and cleaning for my in-laws’ visit next week!


  4. I’m a last minute kind of person – even when it comes to presenting workshops at rather large conferences! So, that’s my ‘phew, it worked out okay’ moment for the last month. Still not organised to have joined in with My Month In Numbers, despite wanting to for ages! Tsk!


  5. I bought drawer dividers for a couple of kitchen drawers where miscellaneous junk was building up. The stuff is still there, but it’s categorised now, and much easier to find batteries and zip ties than it used to be!I also have some baskets on order to fit into some cubbies – this is more organising-by-hiding-it than anything, but I’m saying that counts. 🙂


  6. For me being organised is kind of black and white. I like to know everything in advance so I can plan and clean and cook ahead of time. But there is a certain kind of freedom in not knowing when someone is coming, or finding things out at the last minute…there isn’t the endless wondering if I have enough food, or bedding or if my house isn’t clean enough etc. I just do my best and let it go. The part I hate is when I find something out somewhat in advance, so that I go into a frenzied mode and still don’t get everything finished. I know I’m not explaining it well, but I wonder if anyone else feels the same.


  7. Hi – just discovered your blog via your comment left for my month in numbers post – thankyou.Loving all your organisational posts!!Looks like you had a great month and that bureau is beautiful x


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