Organising My Stash ‘Stuff’!

Here’s a look at some more of my storage solutions, for all my embellishments and ‘bits’. (Though remember I keep my favourite brands embellies in pizza boxes with their papers, as shown here).
On my desk I have a little basket that hold an odd assortment of bits and pieces, including odd chipboard stickers, die cuts that I didn’t end up using, scraps of lace, and lots of washi tape:
I store my ribbons in three different containers. The tall jar is for scraps, the small black box is for lace, twine, and a couple of favourite ribbons on reels, and the larger box is for other ribbons, including sticky ribbon and sequin trim:

My stamps are stored in two boxes, one small box that sits at the edge of my desk with my most often used stamps, and a larger (13″ square) box that holds the rest of my collection – it’s jammed full though!:

I have a couple more 13″ square boxes, one which holds mini books, and the other which holds my alphas:

My buttons are stored in a couple of ice cream tubs, one for flat backed buttons, and one for more dimensional buttons (and some beads):

I have a small divided box for teeny tiny embellishments, which used to be highly organised, until one day my daughter decided to re-arrange it! I haven’t bothered sorting it out, as she likes looking through all the bits now and then:

I have another box which has less-used items, like punchinella, felt, and my Fiskars shape cutter:

I have a bag which hangs on my cupboard door that holds glitter and mists (the bag is supposed to be for toiletries!):

And finally I have a couple of drawers under my desk that hold embellishments, the one on the left holds brads, grommets, and beads, and the one on the right holds stickers, chipboards, and flowers.

I have a lot of stuff don’t I? There’s a few other odd little boxes and jars dotted around too. 
Do you use any of the same storage solutions? What is your least favourite thing to try and store?
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22 thoughts on “Organising My Stash ‘Stuff’!”

  1. omg I LOVE that basket with your washi tape etc. I need one! I am struggling to store my distress stains, spray inks etc. I bought a spice rack which I thought would work but I filled it too quickly and now need about 4!


  2. I’m afraid I have a lot of stuff as well!!I’m quite well organised with paper and card….but very disorganised with embellishments….and then forget what I’ve actually got…..I definately need a better storage system.I do keep all my inks on a little set of shelves on the wall….all labeled with their colours….and I find that works really well.


  3. my ribbon is in several containers-and I use a lot of wicker baskets to hold things-I also have several rolling storage units that hold things I don’t use as often-the things I use(adhesive, pens, scissors, stamps etc) stay on a lazy susan on my desk! thanks for sharing your great ideas.


  4. I store some of my things in covered basket type containers in drawers. But I love how organized you are. You have given me some great ideas!! oneheartscrapper.blogspot.com


  5. I love shoeboxes and tins. In fact, I cannot pass up a decorataive tin if I see it. They come in al shapes and sizes and are good for just about anything. They stack good too. I hate trying to store anything that has something jutting out and won’t let it fit into anything.


  6. Just like you, I have a little dish (actually an old baking dish) that sits on my desk and houses all of the little things that I can’t be bothered to put back! Every so often I have a little sort, but it comes in handy for adding things to cards, etc. My least favourite thing to try and store is my bead collection. I still haven’t worked out a system that I like – and everything is currently dumped into a couple of large hat boxes. Maybe I’ll find a few tips as I make my way around the blog-hop? x


  7. You definitely seem to have it organised so you know where everything is. I love the first little basket! I have a lot of my stuff in little drawer sets from Asda and some boxes from Ikea but I also have a little tub on my desk for all the bits I don’t know what to do with once I am done scrapping 🙂


  8. I love having a small trinket tray next to me when I scrap- I too store stray buttons, chipboard pieces and washi tape in it! Great organization you have!


  9. Oh wow, I have that exact same jar, the one you keep ribbons in! I have my washi tapes in it, though it’s already full and I just bought about 7 more rolls!


  10. I love sorting stash. I have a craft mate with colour coordinated buttons, brads and other embellishments, a presentation book with stickers, another for alphas and a third for rubons. I also have a tool kit box for odd alphas. My scraps are in 12 x 12 bags by colour, my chipboard is in a box – so much stuff – it seems to go with the territory!


  11. ooooh I’m itching to have a rummage through your stash – what a lot of stuff ! Mind you, I guess my workroom is fairly stuffed to the gills as well, but it’s different stuff …


  12. I store all my bits and pieces by colors in drawers that are actually too small… I know the solution is staring me in the face but I have not done anything about it! I LOVE that photo of the divided container with the tiny embellies!! No wonder your daughter likes to look at it!


  13. It seems like you’ve done a great job organising your embellishments! I think the most important thing is finding a storage/organisation system that works for you – which will depend on the space you have available, your personality, your scrapping style, and probably your budget too!I store most of my embellishments in various patterned photo boxes (the shoebox-sized ones). One is devoted to travel-related stuff which seems to be my favourite type to buy. Another has my ribbons, which are further organised in ziplock bags by colour. My stamps are in a cardboard box on my desk, but it’s really not big enough and I invariably want whatever is at the bottom.Thanks for another peek into your scrap stuff – it’s like open house for crafty people! 🙂


  14. I love the way you have stored your glitter and mists….I am so stealing that tip :)I use a lot of mugs and bowls for storage … I have a bit of an obsession with mugs but hubby thinks I am mad so to prevent them ending up in the attic, they are put to work in the spare/craft room.


  15. I have a lot of my embellies in a B&Q tool storage box with 4 separate trays – trouble is that by separating stuff into colours & sorts it takes up so much more room! I need to store papers flowers so that they don’t get scrunched up.


  16. I’m a basket fan too and I have 2 cupcake stands with various things on and sweetie jars with buttons in. I’ve just commandeered 2 of the children’s vintage style suitcases to spray and keep “stuff” in too.


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