Organising to Make Housework Easier

This hour I’m going to share a few tips about things I’ve done this year, to make the housework easier for myself.
We don’t have a dishwasher, and with four of us in the household, doing dishes took ages because it didn’t all fit on the drainer, so I kept having to stop and dry some up. In January we bought this two tier rack, which I can pile up with stuff, and then put it all away later when it’s all dried by itself:
We have a whole cupboard to store recycling in until we can take it to the recycling centre, or it some of it gets collected once a week from outside the house. We’ve started to store all the different types of recycling in separate bags, so it’s sorted as it goes in (so this cupboard is more organised than it looks!:

In our upstairs bathroom we now store a lot of cleaning stuff on top of a little cupboard, high on the wall. This makes it much faster because I don’t have to keep going downstairs to get it out of the cupboard under the sink:
And the last thing we’ve done is to buy a standing vacuum cleaner. We used to have a Henry Hoover, but it drove me mad because it didn’t fit through the stairgate and it was really heavy! This one works much better for me:

What ways do you make it easier for yourself to keep up with the housework?
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See you in an hour! x

17 thoughts on “Organising to Make Housework Easier”

  1. I love your ladybug recycle bags. I just have the regular Walmart and Dollar General ones. I try to was any dirties whenever I see them. And then dry and put them up. I don’t like to see stuff on my counters. This is probably the only place in my house that LOOKS clean. As far as the rest goes, it gets done while waiting for my computer to load pages. I figure I have about 2-3 mins. between. Believe it or not, I get alot done this way.


  2. Recycling products take up so much room in our house. They only get collected once a fortnight and we have 2 green boxes, 1 black bin, 1 brown bin and a blue box. And I can never remember which thing goes in which! I need to get myself as organised as you!


  3. air drying the dishes is definitely more hygienic than using a teatowel – you see, I’m not lazy, I’m being hygienic. And anyway, why waste perfectly god scrapping time drying dishes which are quite happy to dry themselves? 🙂


  4. We have a green recycling wheelie bin provided by our council so everything for recycling is popped into it each evening….which is great….shame they don’t collect bottles as storing them is a pain.I do like your 2 tier rack….that would make drying dishes much easier.


  5. Ah! Ditto AnnieC!!! 😀 Loved her comment. I really don’t like housework but, even though I don’t follow her anymore, I have stuck with one advice from Flylady which is to break everything into 10/15 minutes increments… It’s not too hard to spend 15 min. in the kitchen stop and then take another 15 in the bathroom… it also allows for a little computer time in between!! 😉


  6. I put shelving in our garage to store kitchen items that only get used occassionaly. That gives me more space in the kitchen. :)Bethany


  7. I store cleaning supplies in each bathroom so I will have what I need when I go in there to clean. I also got rid of all my laundry baskets years ago – I fold clothes as they come out of the dryer & put them away so there aren’t piles of clean laundry waiting to be put away.


  8. I bought a set of cleaning supplies for each area of my house (laundryroom, kitchen, bathroom etc.) This way, I can easily wipe off a counter, or dust a couple of shelves when I have a few minutes. I don’t have to go hunting for something to clean with!


  9. The best thing I’ve done chore-wise is to have hubby take over responsibility for loading/unloading the dishes, and doing the laundry! :DI use antibacterial wipes to clean countertops (no nasty damp smelly cloths lying around). I also keep the “standard go-to cleaning gear” under the kitchen sink in a portable plastic basket that I can take round the house with me while I clean.I’d like to implement more of FlyLady’s ideas – I’ve dabbled a little but I think she has some great ideas and I just need to commit to more.


  10. I have one of those milk bottle carriers which have a selection of cleaners so I can stay in one room and do a variety of surfaces – carpet/walls/mirrors/windows etc


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