Thanks for the weekend so far…

This is a post I hadn’t planned on writing, so I’ve slipped it in 10 minutes before the scheduled posts are due to begin. All I wanted to say is:
Thank you!
The response to this weekend has been amazing – over 350 comments so far and counting… you guys are brilliant! I’m so pleased you are enjoying the weekend!
I have been reading each and every comment, and I appreciate them all – you’ve made me laugh, I’ve leant tips from you, and I’ve been excited to see new people saying hello, as well as being happy to see my good blogging friends stopping by!
For those of you that have blogs, or email addresses I can reply to, I will be stopping by or emailing you back at some point this week – to say thank you individually, and to answer questions you asked in the comments. I had planned to do this whilst the weekend was still taking place… but as you may have guessed from that fact that some of the posts have been a little late… I’m still finishing some of them off! So I need to get them all completed before I can reply to you, but I will, I promise!
Finally, I’d love it if even more people stopped by. So if you’re enjoying the weekend, and you’re able to share news about it anywhere, like a blog, facebook, pinterest, or twitter, then I’d really appreciate it! You could share a link to your favourite post so far (each of my posts have helpful share buttons at the bottom of them to make this super easy!), or you could just link back to my blog in general. But don’t worry about this if you can’t do it, or it’s a little tricky for you – I won’t be upset as I’m just so glad YOU have made it here!
That is all for now. The first post of the day will be up in 10 minutes time, and it’s another giveaway for you!
And yes, comments on this post will count as an entry into the Grand Giveaway {NOW CLOSED}– but only if you’ve registered your interest in winning that here!
Jennifer x

14 thoughts on “Thanks for the weekend so far…”

  1. Thank you too! I am a new follower and am loving your blog. Have picked up some really useful tips along the way too. I haven’t blogged for a long time but when I do start again I will definitely add a link to yours.


  2. It’s been great reading your posts! I am a newbie to your blog having just found it yesterday, but I love you ideas and plan to be a regular! I live in western Pennsylvania-USA!


  3. This has been so much fun. I feel like I’m going from house to house partyin. I can’t believe how organized you actually are. You make me feel like I’m sitting with a cup of coffee visiting in your home.


  4. You are so sweet. I have had so much fun this weekend reading all your fun ideas, and organizing tips. I have been a little out of the bloggy world for the past few months, and now am getting myself back in. This was a great way to remind me how much I love reading blogs! THANK YOU!!


  5. Ah, no, thank you! It was such a pleasure to be included in your plans for the weekend. I’m so pleased it’s been such a success for you! x


  6. The timing of this Organisation Celebration has been perfect – thank you so much for all the time and effort you’ve clearly put in, and thank you for stopping by my blog too!It’s been a rainy weekend here and when my best scrapping buddy came by yesterday we went through several of your posts together, and she made a note of your site to go and check out more stuff later on. I’ve seen from her Facebook page that you’ve helped inspire her to get things organised in her home, too! Me? I think I’ve been having too much fun online to do much actual organising, but I’ve done a little, and I’ve had FUN which is what weekends are supposed to be for. 🙂


  7. Phew – I’m caught up on Friday’s & Saturday’s posts – glad that I’ve been able to read other people’s comments as they’ve been full of tips too. Awesome weekend of posts!


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