Tutorial – Jewellery Storage

My jewellery gets so tangled up in my jewellery box, and some of my favourite big rings don’t really fit inside it, so they get piled into an accessories basket nearby. This makes it very hard to bother putting jewellery on in the mornings, as I have to rummage and de-tangle first.
Not any more though, as I’ve made myself this hanging jewellery storage for all my favourite pieces:

If you’d like to make one of these too then you will need:
  • a piece of material 20.5″ x 15″ 
  • a selection of felt, I used 6 different colours – just the sheets of kids craft felt
  • a hanger that clothes can be clipped to
  • a length of ribbon, mine is 21″ long
  • pins, a needle, thread 
  • a sewing machine or a lot of patience!

To begin:
Step 1: Cut your piece of material to 20.5″ x 15″ if it’s not already cut to that size:
Step 2: Fold down all the edges by half an inch, sew it down, and press the seams:

Step 3: Cut 6 pieces of felt to 2 x 4″, 3 pieces to 4″ square, and 3 pieces to 3″ square. Arrange onto the fabric, with the smaller pieces near the top, and the others alternating below. Pin and then sew into place – leaving the top line unstitched so you are creating a pocket. I also stitched a line through the middle of the top three pieces, to make each bit of felt into a double pocket, to store some smaller pieces of jewellery:
Step 4: Sew a length of ribbon to hang from the bottom edge. 
Then fill it with jewellery!
And the reason it’s hung on a hanger (rather than being permanently attached to something), is that as well as being able to slide it in my wardrobe to tuck it away and use it each day, if I go on holiday I can unclip it, roll it up with the ribbon, and slip in my suitcase:
If you have jewellery, how do you store it?
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See you at 1pm for another glimpse into my stash storage! x

25 thoughts on “Tutorial – Jewellery Storage”

  1. What a brilliant idea! My jewellery consists mainly of chunky junky necklaces, which used to be all in a jumble, but now hang on a row of hooks inside my wardrobe doors, sorted into colours – but of course I can’t take that with me in a suitcase!


  2. love the idea! I have two jewelry boxes that hold my jewelry-I also have a rollup tote to take on trips-but really I don’t change jewelry that much-tend to wear the same things all the time!


  3. I have a jewelry armoire that hubby gave me for christmas one year. Necklaces hang and the rest go into drawers. To be truthful, I forget jewelry on travels. Maybe it’s because I forget it at home too. I seem to have gotten out of the habit of wearing it.


  4. Love this!!! I don’t have much jewelry but this is a wonderful idea!! I think it would make great homemade gifts for friends too! I love that you can take it off and roll it up! So smart!


  5. Ooh, I like this – and the colours really appeal to me as well! I’ve been looking at different jewellery storage for a while now, especially as I make my own – but again this is something that I haven’t quite worked out yet!


  6. What a great idea. I don’t have much jewellery, so this is one area of my life that is quite organised. A box for my necklaces and bracelets and another for earrings – sorted!


  7. I have a very tall jewlery box that my husband and daughter have taken over with their bits and bobs. LOLBethany


  8. I actually have a beautiful jewelry armoire that DH gave me for my birthday several years ago. It’s way larger than my jewelry collection, so I also store scarves & gloves & other items in it.


  9. Very creative way to store your jewellery!I store my earrings in an old Ferrero Rocher tray which keeps them all separated and easy to find. I have a friend that uses old egg boxes in a drawer.


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