My 30th Birthday – lots of photos!

Sorry it’s taken so long to show you these photos – it’s been 3 weeks since my 30th Birthday Party. It’s taken me a while to sort through the photos and choose the best ones to show you – I warn you I couldn’t whittle it down too much so this is a long, VERY photo heavy post! 
My birthday party was a joint party with my sister, who turned 21 in the same month. So we had a lovely family do, with a few friends coming too. We held the party at my stepdad’s brother’s pub, which has a lovely big garden, and he was kind enough to let us camp in it for the weekend. The party was on the Saturday, but we arrived on the Friday to camp:
My daughter and my niece helped set up camp for a bit, and then they just played together, looking all grown up and cheeky:
 We had an early night that night, which was lucky because the kids woke us up early to play in the tent:

And then the bouncy castle arrived and we all had fun testing it out:
In the afternoon we got all dressed up. Our theme was ‘Disney’ as we both love the films. We were very impressed with all the effort that everyone went to with their costumes, especially as a lot of them were handmade:
Here’s some of them in more detail…
I was ‘Ariel’ from The Little Mermaid (I spent a lot of time sewing my outfit!), and my sister was ‘Belle’ from Beauty and the Beast:
My hubby was Captain Hook (from Peter Pan), my baby boy was Flounder (also from The Little Mermaid), and my daughter was Rapunzel (from Tangled):
Hee hee!:
My mum and stepdad were Mary Poppins and Bert:
And my grandad was Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of the Caribbean):
My friends Rosie and Ali were Jasmine (from Aladdin), and The White Rabbit (from Alice in Wonderland) – she was rather warm in her outfit!:
And I was quite impressed with my Aunt Julie as Cruella De Vil (from One Hundred and One Dalmations):
We had a lovely cake, made by my Mother-in-law. We designed it based on this cake we found on pinterest, but ours just had an Ariel layer, a Belle layer, and a Mickey Mouse layer. My MIL spent months making it:
Isn’t she brilliant?
For the room decorations me and my sister had brought balloons, banners, and rose petals & seashells for the tables. Then my lovely mother surprised us with photos of us all over the room:
We made a photobooth area for the party. I know we were already dressed up, but as you can probably tell from the costume photos, we’re always happy to do more dressing up! So we took some wigs and glasses, etc, plus a chalkboard we could write messages on, and I cut some lengths of material for a bunting backdrop. It was a shame we had to move it indoors because of the rain, but we still had lots of fun with it. Here’s some of my favourite photos from the ‘booth’:

In case you’re wondering, the chalkboard has ‘Maddy’ on it because she was the only one from ‘Rosie and the Rockettes’ (you’d need to scroll to the bottom of that post) who wasn’t at the party!
The sunday was my actual birthday, and we had a lovely cooked breakfast at the pub in the morning, before we packed up the tents. We had a couple of bright spells before the rain set in:
But our shoes soon got all muddy again:
And I received some lovely presents, including this wonderful scrapbook-canvas that my sister made for me:
It features so many photos of me, and stories to go with them, some that I’d completely forgotten about! It also has sweet notes and a letter from my sister. I shall treasure it:
And Rosie and Ali made me this fabulous board game called ‘Jennopoly’. I’m really impressed they kept this quiet as we live so close together, and they even borrowed some acrylic paint off me for it, though I didn’t know what it was for!:
The playing pieces are cars made out of silk-clay, with me driving them (I passed my driving test a few months ago). You have to go around the board collecting my family members (also made of silk-clay), answering questions and completing tasks based on my life. You end up having a picnic on the beach! It even comes with a bunch of props to help you complete the tasks:
Including some glassline bags filled with bits to make a mini-scrapbook page! This game is hilarious, it made me laugh so much when I opened it and each time we play it!
Well done if you reached the end of this loooooong post! I know I’m very lucky to have had such a wonderful birthday. Thank you to all who made it so special! 
What do you think? Is there anything here that might inspire your next birthday celebrations?! x

12 thoughts on “My 30th Birthday – lots of photos!”

  1. Belated Birthday Wishes, Jennifer! What a fabulous weekend you all had – something everyone will remember for ever. Love how you all dressed up and the costumes were brilliant! Your pressies were lovely too. How good of your sister and friends to go to so much trouble, to make you those gorgeous hand-made gifts! Now you need to start planning your 40th party – while you’ve got plenty of time left!


  2. Oh my goodness, the trouble they went to in making that game – how wonderful! It looks like you had a fantastic birthday and lots of photos to make a whole album out of!


  3. Looks like you had a fab birthday! I love all the costumes and that board game looks like it took loads of time and effort- how sweet of them. I got my parcel this week – thanks! I’ve used two of the tags already on a layout – I’ll share it soon! x


  4. Happy (belated) birthday! What a fun post – a lot of photos made me smile (even giggle… ‘i made the cake’, perfect!) and you had a lot of work to dress up. I cannot remember my 30th birthday but I sure didn’t have a costume like yours, wowzah!


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