Scrapbook Layouts

Funny Faces – a super fast layout!

I was browsing scrap sites just before bedtime, and I saw This Challenge on the Scrap365 blog, with about an hour and a half to go before the deadline. I thought it was a shame, because I’d have liked to enter it. And then I thought: ‘get off the internet and give it a go’!

If I ever say I don’t have time to scrapbook, I should remind myself of this page, and that things can be done fast if you try:

The challenge was to use one of Riikka Kovasin’s techniques from a tutorial, to create your own layout. I chose ‘scribble, splash, and splat’, and had fun doodling a background with my daughter’s crayons, washing over it with pale yellow paint, and then splattering it with mist – once watered down, and once neat.
I managed to use up some Thickers which have been in my stash for ages, because I normally deicide they’re too big for my page once I’ve piled on ephemera or lots of patterned paper. They stand out nicely against the busy background.
I managed to use some of the butterflies that I sat and punched from scraps whilst watching telly, and of course I sneaked a couple of gems / pearls on there!
What do you think? Can you tell it was a super fast layout? I didn’t even have to use a heat gun, I just blotted the paint with kitchen paper to pick some of it up, and I didn’t wait for it to dry between the different layers. I left it about 10 minutes after the last mist layer, whilst I found my Thickers and butterflies.
I think I shall try this technique again, with a less scribbly background next time to see how that looks! Thanks for the inspiration Scrap365!
Now I really have to go to bed! x