July in Numbers

My month in numbers is a little bit late as I spent all day Tuesday manically packing for our holiday, and most of yesterday (Wednesday) travelling. We left home early yesterday morning to come to my In-Laws for a night, today we’re going to my Mum and Stepdad’s, and then tomorrow we’re going to Disneyland Paris! Yay! 
Month in Numbers is inspired by Julie Kirk, so if you want to know more, head to her blog post for this month here. Without further adieu, here’s my July in Numbers:
1 the age my son turned on the 7th of July. We didn’t do much that day as hubby was working, but the next day we went out for lunch, and then to an indoor play zone. He’s growing up so fast:
1,586 approximate total number of sparkles on costumes and decorations at 2 carnivals, visited for parades and rides – a good way to ease my kids into the Disneyland experience. I wanted to prepare them a little for waiting, and noises, and fun! At the first we managed to get a photo of an Olympic Torch, as I didn’t manage to catch it when it ran through town a couple of days before that:
And my daughter went on a ride with her friend, the photo isn’t perfect but I love how it captures their excitement and friendship:
At the second carnival we also saw 7 Red Arrows flying over our heads, baby was a bit scared of the noise from them at first, but he was okay after some cuddles. Little Miss was impressed that they made different colours in the sky. It was exciting being so close to them as we were watching from the top of a big hill:
£288 The cost for our new passports, which finally arrived last week, just in time for our holiday! Don’t we look like a strange bunch:
39 children co-ordinated for some races at a summer party we attended. I didn’t do the co-ordinating, I just watched as the chaos unfolded! Ha! There was an obstacle race and this caterpillar race:
My daughter was a bit upset as she didn’t win either, but she cheered up later when she won a tombola prize!
4 the number of vintage books added to my collection (for the total price of £1.50), I remember reading these ones when I was young:
I could probably think of lots more numbers, but I think that will do for now! If you want to see more of my family photos from this month, I posted some here.
Here’s hoping for an exciting August!

12 thoughts on “July in Numbers”

  1. Some lovely photos Jennifer – gosh £288 for passports is painful in one go! I stopped kitting my 3 out with school shoes on the same day because it was so traumatic to reach the till!


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