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Right now, if everything is going to plan, I am on the Eurostar train, whizzing my way to Disneyland Paris.
Choo Choo!
So you don’t miss me too much (because of course you would!), I’ve scheduled this post to show you a couple of sneaks. The first is a very exciting FREE class to tell you about, created by the lovely Clair at Obstinate Pursuit. It’s called Stitching on Paper, it starts this Saturday (4th August) and it features lovely details including these:
This weekend you’ll see a couple of projects made by me as samples for the class. If you’ve ever been tempted to stitch on paper but you’re not sure where to start, or if you already love to do this but enjoy gathering inspiration, then DON’T MISS THIS CLASS!! More details can be seen on Clair’s blog here.
The second sneak is a photo of some journals I’ve been working on – one for me, and one each for my son, daughter, niece, and nephew, to take to Disneyland and fill with words, pictures, and memorabillia:
This photo was taken when they were still in progress! I’ve filled them with all different colours of paper, plus some activity sheets and stickers for the kids, and some mix and match album photo pockets to put photos in. I’ll show you some more details when we return and they’ve been put to use!
Happy Friday to you! x

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