Storytelling Sunday – A Good Gift

Today I won’t be putting my feet up and reading all the lovely blogs that take part in Sian’s Storytelling Sunday – because instead I shall be earning blisters on my feet wandering around Disneyland Paris, having a lovely time I hope! If you’d like to read more tales today, then head to ‘From High in the Sky’ here, and enjoy. I shall enjoy having a read when I return!
Thinking about going to Disneyland Paris has made me recall previous holidays to theme parks. Today I thought I’d tell you one of the stories that I’ve remembered…
It was 2002, apparently the year when I decided bum-bags (fanny packs to those in the USA) should really make a fashion comeback, and I donned one with pride on a three week holiday to Florida, with my then boyfriend (now husband) and In-Laws to be. Here’s a photo of me and hubby looking ever so stylish at the entrance to the Universal Studios theme park:

The holiday had it’s ups and downs, as we’d only been together a year, and spending three weeks away in a different country with your boyfriend’s parents who you don’t know that well is bound to come with a few niggles! But we were having fun for the most part, and enjoying the parks. 
On this day I was feeling a little grumpy though, as it was incredibly hot, and I wanted to go to a waterpark, but hubby’s family don’t ‘do’ waterparks. I did enjoy the rides at Universal, especially Spiderman, but I was annoyed because my neck was hurting (I get quite a sore neck sometimes) so I couldn’t go on the ride again, or on any of the other fast rides. So we were wandering around, looking at things to buy.
I spotted a stall stamping designs on to silver pendants. I walked over and had a look at the patterns, and I immediately fell in love with a picture of a winged horse flying into the clouds, as it reminded me of a picture I had on my wall at home, and it made me dream of magical things. You could get a second picture stamped on the back of the pendant too – I thought I’d like a triskelion symbol on the back. I showed boyfriend the designs I liked. Then I saw the price. Way too much for us to afford. So I sighed and we moved on.
Later that day, as we were leaving the park, I had a change of heart. I hadn’t stopped thinking about the pendant and I decided I should just blow all my spending money on it. I turned to go back. But boyfriend talked me out of it. He said I should save my money as I might see something else I’d like, that I’d regret it if I got it. I argued a little but then gave in, and we returned to out accommodation, with me in a bit of a huff in a ‘I know you’re right but I still don’t like it’ kind of way!
I was a bit grouchy all evening, because of the heat, my neck pain, and the thoughts of the pendant that I didn’t have. Until I went to bed, and there, under my pillow, was the pendant: 

Lovely boyfriend had snuck off and bought it for me when I wasn’t looking, hence him having to talk me out of buying it, I’d have had two! I was very impressed with his cunning and gift buying skills.
I will be wearing the pendant this weekend, I always try to wear it when I’m away from home. I think of it as my travelling charm. Everytime I wear it I smile to think of the way it was purchased, and how much I love my husband for his wonderfullness! 
Have a lovely Sunday, x
NB: I’d like to add that I’ve read through this story and I’ve realised it makes me sound like a spoiled brat. I’m not that bad honest! I do get grumpy from time to time, but not usually over ‘stuff’! 
That is all!

14 thoughts on “Storytelling Sunday – A Good Gift”

  1. No I don’t think you sound like a brat at all :)It’s lovely to see you here from afar Jennifer, thank you for taking the time to tell us a summer lovin’ story today. Keep good hold of that necklace as you enjoy the park!


  2. We all get grumpy from time to time, especially when traveling. It was very romantic of him to buy it for you on the sly and slip it under you pillow. It is good to see that he was paying attention to the things you like 🙂


  3. Oh Jennifer! I read through your story thinking of how many times I’ve felt hot, tired and a wee bit petulant – but you didn’t sound spoilt in the least! How lovely of the (now) husband to buy the pendant for you as a surprise – and how lovely that you remember to be thankful for it! x


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