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The Height of Summer…

… The lovely Julie Kirk has asked a question of the general blogosphere… how tall are we? 
It’s been interesting to see other people’s blog posts pop up – and learning how we all measure up against each other! To see more info on what inspired Julie’s question, check out her original post here, where you can also see how to join in. But you’ll have to be quick, as on Thursday Julie will be posting a height chart featuring us all!
I’ve been pondering on how to join in, but time has run out for any clever statistics or stories, and I haven’t even got any full length shots of all of us. I wanted to include the whole family’s heights, to record this summer, before the kids grow more (and hopefully long before me and hubby start to shrink?!). I noticed that I’d recently taken separate photos on different occasions of me, my daughter, and my son, with us looking away from the camera, and the sky behind us. I had to go back a few years to find a similar shot of hubby, as he always notices when I try to take this kind of shot of him, and pulls a face into the camera! I found one at last though.
Here’s our current heights:
Me ~ 5ft 4″ (though perhaps this hat makes me a little bit taller?):

Hubby ~ 6ft 4″ (I remember telling a friend I’d never date someone more than a few inches taller than me. Then I fell in love with a man a foot taller – I just about reach his shoulder. It was worth breaking my oath though!):
Little Miss ~ 3ft 5″ (I know her height because we measured her before we went to Disneyland Paris, and she was the exact height to be allowed on the Thunder Mountain roller coaster. She went on it – but she didn’t like it!):
Cheeky Boy ~ 2ft 7″ (I just measured him in his sleep – this is as accurate as I was able to get with a squirmy 1 year old!):
So that’s how we all stack up. Are you tall, short, or in-between? I think my height is about average, and I’ve never worried about it too much – though this might change if my children eventually surpass me. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though…
It doesn’t matter how tall you are – you can still reach to the sky! 
P.S. I’ll be back tomorrow or Thursday with a layout! x

7 thoughts on “The Height of Summer…”

  1. ..and you love them to the sky and back!Did you do that thing where you are supposed to measure them on the second birthday, then double it and that will be their adult height height? We did it with TTO – didn’t belive the figure until we started to see it happen before our very eyes!


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