Birdie Birthday

My Mother-In-Law loves birds, so for her birthday I used a tag with a sweet bird image from the Crate Paper Little Bo Peep Tag Cuts sheet as the feature for her birthday card:

I always use pink or purple on my Mother-In-Law’s cards, as they’re her favourite colours, and I know she pins them all up because they match her décor. She phoned earlier to say she loves this one and it’s already up on display with the others. I really love to make cards when you know the recipient will appreciate them!
Did you know that Big Picture Classes are having a Big Idea Festival right now? It’s all free and there’s lots of prizes up for grabs. It started today, with Stacy Julian talking about happy mail and how nice it is to receive things through the mail instead of electronically. I almost always post cards for birthdays, but it’s been a long time since I sent any letters ‘just because’. I really should as I know I’d love it if a letter dropped through my door. When was the last time you sent a letter?
Bye for now, x

8 thoughts on “Birdie Birthday”

  1. I’ve signed up for the Big Idea Festival and am also doing LSNED. I have started writing my lessons in a journal, just scribbling things down and not decorating or anything. I’ve remembered that I actually quite like writing with a pen rather than just tap tap tapping away on the keyboard. I agree it’s lovely to receive something handwritten through the letter box. Love the card, very pretty.


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