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Wreath with Candy Cane Treats!

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I love seeing all kinds of wreaths on Pinterest (here’s some that I’ve pinned). I was determined to make one of my own this year. To make it extra special I’ve included some treats on it, that visitors can help themselves to – with our Christmas wishes!:

I kept it simple but striking. To make a wreath of your own like this one you will need:

  • An 8” diameter Polystyrene Ring, and some White Wool
  • A couple of sheets of White Craft Felt
  • Some Red & White Checked Ribbon
  • A Snowflake, a Button,  a Sentiment, some Twine, and a some Candy Canes
  • A Needle and White Thread, and a Hot Glue Gun.


Step 1: Cover your polystyrene ring with wool. I taped one end of the wool to the back of my ring and then just wrapped it around and around until I got all the way back to the start, where I took off the tape and tied the ends together. I suggest watching some TV or listen to a podcast while you complete this stage, as it takes a little while!


Step 2: Make your ornaments for the wreath. I made the white felt flower by following this tutorial. The strip of felt I started with was 2” wide by 11.5” long, and I cut the slits approx ¼” apart, then I rolled it up and hot-glued it to a 1¼” circle of felt to keep it together.

For the Snowflake I used my own template, which you can download here. If you print it to 5×7” the snowflake template will come out the right size – it should be approx 2.5” long by 1⅝” wide at the widest point:

You can then cut 5 of the shapes from white craft felt:

Next you need to pinch the ends together. I used hot glue to seal the pinches, but be careful not to burn yourself – if you’re worried you could sew them:

I then cut two more circles of 1¼” diameter, and hot-glued the ends of the snowflake between them, finishing with a button on the top circle:

The pocket for the Candy Canes is a 5” tall by 2” wide piece of white felt folded over (to be 2.5” tall by 2” wide) and stitched up the two sides, finished with a bow glued to the front. The pocket, flower, and snowflake are all hot glued on to the wreath.

I added a sentiment to the top left of the wreath, to encourage visitors to take a Candy Cane! I tied it on with twine, and also glued a snowflake on next to it (it’s a Studio Calico Wood Veneer Snowflake painted and glittered), to balance out the detail at the bottom of the wreath:

Finally I added a 10” long piece of ribbon, folded into a loop, and hot-glued to the back of the wreath, to hang it on my door (You might need less ribbon depending on how big you want your hoop!).

Here’s the finished wreath again so you don’t have to scroll back to the top:

Now it’s ready to hang on my door and spread some festive cheer!

Be Inspired:

  • Make a felt snowflake
  • Decorate a wreath
  • Find a way to give a gift to someone who you wouldn’t normally give gifts to!

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Do you hang a wreath on your door each winter?Thanks for reading all of today’s posts! I shall see you again tomorrow, for lots more projects, inspiration and giveaways. We’ll start again at 10am GMT! x