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A Challenge – To Use Non-Winter Scrapbooking Supplies

(This post is part of my Frosty Festivities Blog Event)
There’s a vast array of winter and Christmas scrapbooking supplies available, but I try not to buy too much of it, as I can’t possibly use it all! 
Especially when it’s quite possible to do a wintry layout with no winter supplies:
This layout documents how when we moved to our new town, everyone told us it never snowed here. The last time snow settled had been 20 years previously. And it’s snowed every year since we arrived! This will be our fourth winter here, so I’m hoping for a repeat. I love how pretty snow makes everything look, and going for an early morning walk on fresh, crunchy snow, has to be one of my favourite things in the whole world.

These Pink Paislee Portfolio supplies were perfect – I loved the ‘News Flash’ stamp for highlighting my story (it is BIG news when it snows here – I live in a small town!), and the blues and greys were just what I needed to set the scene for a frosty morning.

One of the Portfolio papers even had the words ‘Winter Street’ on it, so I had to make sure that was peeping out – the collection is not winter themed, so I was so pleased to find the wording on there!
Do you ever make winter or Christmas projects with non-seasonal themed supplies? 
Now’s your chance to have a go, as one challenge entrant will win this kit of Pink Paislee Portfolio items:

To enter this challenge: make a papercraft project (eg. a layout, card, tag, or other papercrafts) using non-winter or Christmas supplies, blog about your project (or upload it to an online gallery), and link back to this post. Then come back here to link your project up! You can combine any of the challenges from this weekend, and enter more than one challenge with one project.

The challenge will close next Sunday, 25th November at 10.59pm GMT.

Don’t forget that a comment on this post, or on any of my posts from this weekend, will count as an entry into the Grand Giveaway {NOW CLOSED} but Challenge still open – but only if you’ve registered your interest in winning that here!

Back again soon! x

29 thoughts on “A Challenge – To Use Non-Winter Scrapbooking Supplies”

  1. So true – obviously wintry or Christmassy supplies limit you to that kind of layout, unless you come up with a clever twist – but there are plenty of papers etc out there that work really well with seasonal photos, as you’ve proved so beautifully here :)Your title made me laugh – when we moved to our area (which isn’t Wareham!) we were told something very similar…


  2. I think people tend to forget only a dusting is enough to make people happy :)London rarely gets lots of snow – but often enough that we have a snow shovel…Yes, I often create Christmas/winter stuff without using winter specific supplies – but I do like using basic bits and dressing it up. Like you I’m always pleased to find something on a paper or embellishment that coincidentally matches.


  3. I do sometimes create christmas/winter pages with non-wintery supplies….but as I’m a bit of a sucker for christmas supplies I have more then enough to use!!!But I’m going to have a try at this challenge….love how your papers work so well with the snowy pics.


  4. I love the page and I had no idea you lived in wareham – so close … I am in Poole. It rarely snows down here but we have had a few bad ones in a row haven’t we. Like you I am hoping for white again


  5. Wonderful colours, so perfect for winter. How funny though that I had no idea you were in Wareham! We used to visit a restaurant there a fair bit but its not there any more sadly. I used to work with someone who lived just by the main street there. Small world!


  6. O do use all sorts of papers on layouts and try not to let the papers company;s view of the theme of the paper limit me.This blue you chose is very calm and winter looking to me…Calming like falling snow!


  7. I know what you mean about Christmas supplies as I have so many and they only get used for a once a year event! That is why I didn’t buy Shimelle’s Christmas in a box as I have to use up what I have first! I really love your page and hope to do this challenge and scraplift your LO!!


  8. Oh, I have scrapped with non-seasonal papers most of the time… somehow I don’t often want the little santa’s and snowy trees – lots of nice papers lend themselves to Christmassy and wintery scrapping (and you can slip a tiny bit of christmassy stuff in amongst them!)Loving that snow story page – we also live in a non-snowy location. I can only remember about 5 years when it’s snowed more than a teeny sprinkle that lasted 10 minutes – and three of those years are since year 2005!!


  9. I think a lot about what I can do with my seasonal stamps, to prolong their use throughout the year, but don’t often do it the other way round. I’ve linked to my SCS gallery rather than my blog today, as it’s SU Saturday and I didn’t want it to seem like I was advertising my wares! Hope that’s OK x


  10. Hi Jennifer, I just did a booboo with my linking and managed to link to the wrong blog, so did it again bu now I’m on twice – don’t know if you’re able to take the first on off please? also couldn’t make it crop properly so I’ve cut my tag off in its prime! :o) Annie x


  11. I had 2 entries for this but the second one (on the same blog post) didn’t go through on the linky… I think I ran out of time…. whoops! Still got my favourite one up! Thanks for so many great challenges and inspirations and although I only joined in on this challenge I could easily join in on them all in the coming weeks as I gained so much from last weekend so thank you xxx


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