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Ho Ho Ho Festive Plate

(This post is part of my Frosty Festivities Blog Event)

I love entertaining around Christmas time – lots of gatherings that require buffets of food, and board games! One way to set the scene is with some unique tableware…

Ho Ho Ho Festive Plate:

This plate was so easy to decorate, I’m planning on a few more to fill our festive table!
Here’s how it’s done…
You will need:

  • A Porcelain Plate – I bought a cheap one from The Range
  • A Black and a Red Porcelain Painter Pen – mine are by Marabu
  • A Pencil and a damp piece of Kitchen Paper

Step 1: Clean your plate thoroughly. Draw your design onto your plate, using a pencil. If you make any mistakes wipe them off with the damp piece of kitchen paper, leave it to dry, and then try again. Check to make sure that you have the right number of lines on the outside edge of the plate, so that the red and white srtipes will alternate:

Step 2: Go over your pencil lines with the black porcelain pen. Again you can wipe off mistakes with a damp piece of cloth, but you have to be quick before the paint dries:

Step 3: Colour in between the lines of alternate sections on the plate edge, and inside your letters. I found it easiest to draw a line at the top and bottom of the section, and then go up and down in straight lines in between, to help the paint blend smoothly:

Step 4: Leave the paint to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions – mine had to air dry for 24 hours and then it’s dishwasher safe:
Just looking at it makes me feel festive – I can’t wait to fill it up with mince pies!
Be Inspired:
  • Decorate a piece of tableware – if you don’t have any porcelain or glass pens you could make a placemat
  • Put red and white stripes onto your next project
  • Use the phrase ‘Ho Ho Ho!’ on a card or layout

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Do you already have any special plates or glasses that come out just for winter or Christmas?
I’ll be back soon! x

30 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho Festive Plate”

  1. Wow! what a fabulous idea – I didn’t know it was so easy to do – so many possibilities! I’m really enjoying following along in between chores – the “be inspired” are great :o)


  2. So much inspiration – I love this! We don’t really have special Christmassy crockery, but we do have certain serving dishes that we don’t need unless we’re dishing up a big spread – ie at Christmas 🙂


  3. I have christmassy mugs, I’m also on the look out for christmassy glasses that are dishwasher safe, maybe I should try something like this on glass instead


  4. Oh now – how did you know I’d just uncovered my bag of porcelain markers and thought, ‘hmm should use them!’ Thanks for the tip on the range, was going to try IKEA too :)I do have plates/bowls with Christmas patterns, bought in a closing down sale and I love bringing them out. Only have enough for four tho so no guests 🙂


  5. ooh lovely festive ho ho ho plate! I have only ever done this at one of those crafty shops where you paint then come back a few days later after they have been through the kiln…. yours is even better as it could be done at home.


  6. We want to come and join in at your house! Love the plate – it’s a great idea (why didn’t I think of it first… hmmm…). I like the paint pens – a nice alternative to china paints, which can be a bit messy. Thank you for sharing your fab idea!


  7. The plate is so cute! I’ve seen on Pinterest that you can use Sharpies on some china and then bake it so might have a go at a Christmas themed side plate like this using sharpies. Then it will be the perfect plate for Santa’s cookies on Christmas Eve 🙂


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